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Global Packaging Solutions sells custom printed plastic bags, paper bags, shopping bags, grocery bags, tote bags, retail packaging, food packaging. We can print on laminated and coextruded poly material and films. Many uses and construction of these plastic bags for you include: plastic bags with handles, plastic bags with logo, plastic bags for clothes, paper bags wholesale, shopping, grocery, retail and  food packaging, euro tote bags, non woven tote bags, vinyl, shipper, mailer, garment, dry cleaning, evidence, currency, deposit, biohazard, garbage, refuse, wine totes, agricultural, food packaging, trade show advertising, commercial packaging, industrial packaging, reusable eco friendly shopping bags, stand up pouch product packaging and a large variety of other types of retail packaging. is home to Global Packaging Solutions, a leading distributor of plastic bags, paper bags and top supplier of retail packaging online today. Global Packaging Solutions offers the widest and most varied selection of plastic bag supplies, custom container and storage solutions available. Let us make some plastic bags for you.

All of our plastic bags, paper bags, eurotote bags are custom made. We do not stock bulk “run of the mill” low quality packaging products. We know that no two items or clients are alike.  For a NO OBLIGATION – HASSLE FREE customized quotation, please contact us at (516) 256-7416

Whether you manage a small family-owned winery looking for a wine tote bag or manufacture high-end electronics for the aviation industry searching for product packaging, Global Packaging Solutions has the best retail packaging and poly bag products for you. You’ll find a wide collection of top-of-the line and fully recyclable custom paper or plastic and poly bags including a full line of retail packaging, paper, plastic and grocery bags, plastic bags with logo. We also sell and distribite the increasingly popular euro tote, non woven tote and canvas tote bags that you now see popping up for sale in most supermarkets. Many of our vinyl, shopping, shipper, mailer, and garment bags are fully recyclable. Our dry cleaning bags, evidence, currency, deposit bags, biohazard, garbage, refuse, wine totes, agricultural bags, food packaging, and euro tote bags are reusable and eco friendly. This includes all of our shopping bags, commercial packaging, industrial packaging, product packaging and a large variety of other types of retail packaging.

We offer top quality poly bag supplies and retail packaging products for a vast range of public and private events, trade shows, educational seminars, company off-sites, and special marketing or product launch campaigns. Manage all of your shipping and storage solutions right here, where the highest level of care is taken in creating your custom printed bags that will both carry your product and showcase your brand with style.

Why buy your plastic, paper, grocery, shopping and euro tote bags from GPS?

We are proud to be one of the leaders in degradable and biodegradable plastics. Working with some of the largest companies in the world, we have put together a full line of both plastic, poly and paper bags that are not only more earth friendly but economical as well! One of our proudest achievements to date is the introduction of our corn starch based bags (made entirely out of organic ingredients and contain no polyethylene) that meet all ASTM (American Society for Testing Material) 6400 standards and are certified by the United States Composting Council. We are a Minority Business Development–State MBE Certified business. The mission of MBE program is to promote equality of economic opportunities for MBEs and to eliminate barriers to their participation in state contracts.

Please be sure to contact us for all your custom printed retail packaging, shopping, grocery, paper, plastic bags for clothes, plastic bags with handles, euro tote bags, non woven tote bags, paper bags wholesale, canvas – cotton tote bags, and vinyl bags for your retail operations. Our shipper and mailer bags are the best in the business if you do mail order business, We make a full line of garment and dry cleaning bags if you are a fashion boutique, dry cleaner or tuxedo rental company. Our evidence, currency, and  deposit bags are perfect if you operate a law enforcement agency, bank, casino or make nightly deposits. Safety first with our biohazard, garbage and refuse bags for hospitals and health care agencies. Our newest specialty is our multi pocketed wine tote bags for vineyards and liquor stores. Customers love those! Agricultural, gravel, soil, fertilizer bags and mulch bags for farm and lawn products. Our in house artists and package designers have extensive experience in food packaging and product packaging for all retail products including stand up pouches for bakeries, candy and snack food industries. Trade show and convention bags for your next corporate event. A full range of commercial packaging, industrial packaging, environmentally friendly reusable shopping bags and a large variety of other types of retail packaging needs. We know that no two bags or customers are the same, so please give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the right bag for your business. Please call us today at (516) 256-7416 for the best prices on plastic bags, plastic bags with logo, paper bags, shopping bags and eurotote bags.