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FDA approved, Custom Food Labels, Digital, Short run Labels

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Certified Member of NYNJMSDC

Custom Food Labels

Certified Member of NYNJMSDC

Pressure Sensitive Labels—FDA Labels—UV Labels—Paper Labels—Vinyl Labels and many more…

At iSellPackaging, we offer professionally created food labels for fruit, meat, beverages, packaged foods, baby foods, gourmet foods and other products. Our food labels are guaranteed to stay intact throughout storage, freezing temperature, shelf-display and extensive handling. From font, material to graphics, we take care of everything so that your brand stands out on the retail shelf.


iSellPackaging complies the food labeling guide prescribed FDA regarding labeling and ingredient listing. Why Choose Us for Food Labels?

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Competitive Prices (No Upfront Cost)
  • Superior Quality and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Wide Range of sizes, shapes and colors
  • NVBDC Certified
  • Labels for all Products
  • Great Customer Service

Short run labels

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Food labels

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Short Run Labels:

We create short run labels in a variety of styles so that you can get exactly what you are looking for without ordering more than your requirement. These label types ensure crisp graphics and high quality finish. We create short run labels using digital printing to get desired results. As an added bonus, you get labels in less time and at lower cost.

Digital Labels:

Our digital labels ensure you photographic quality graphics, crisp text and vibrant tones. Placement of SKU, barcode and serial number is easier on these labels. They are less labor intensive and generate less setup waste than other types. One more thing—digital labels make it possible to produce multiple designs in the same run without delay.

Pressure Sensitive Labels:

Pressure sensitive labels work for wide range of products and are easy to apply. Also known as self-adhesive or adhesive backed labels, they stick to most surfaces and containers with light pressure. They are great for multitude of labeling products and can be printed on foils, films and papers.

Vinyl Labels:

Vinyl is known for its durability, life and resistance to extreme weather. No wonder that they have been in constant demand for ages. They get your brand noticed due to their glossy finish and capability to produce bright images.

Paper Labels:

Paper labels are another popular choice in food labeling. It is much more readily available than other label types. And they won’t hurt your budget too! Paper labels are more flexible when it comes to printer compatibility, with many of paper labels are ideal to use with basic printers like laser or inkjet.

UV Labels:

Looking for a label that can ensure versatility, great appearance, durability, and clarity? The answer lies in UV labels. UV coating enhances colours, and gives a professional look to your food product, sending a message to a consumer that you are capable of delivering the best. As the name implies, they offer great resistance against UV light along with abrasion, sweat and extreme weather.

Custom Labels:

From plain white papers, fluorescent, to polyester films of foil, we have variety of labels to meet your particular needs. Our state of the art printing produces vibrant and crisp colors for every type of specialty food.