Inmate Property Bags

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High-Quality Inmate Property Bags

We provide high-quality inmate property bags to federal and state correction centers, jails, and other detention facilities for the secure storage of inmate contraband, personal belongings, and valuables. We have a large variety of inmate property bags to ensure that your needs are easily met.

Taking Pride in Being the Most Reliable Inmate Property Bags Provider!

We have the best interests in our minds. We understand your needs and live up to your expectations. Unlike other packaging companies offering inmate property bags at rock bottom prices, we don’t claim to be the cheapest as we use the highest quality materials to meet your needs. All of our inmate property bags are heavy, tear-resistant, and last long. Contact us now for a quantity quote to fit your facility’s unique requirements.


Key Features of Our Inmate Property Bags:

  • Constructed with Strong Seams
  • Made from High-Quality Materials
  • Comes with an Easy Loading Top
  • Cost-Effective

Why Choose Us?

iSell Packaging has been offering reliable retail packaging and shopping bag solutions to businesses and organizations for years. We take pride in the fact that we are often the first choice of our customers when it comes to packaging needs. Here are some reasons to count on our packaging solutions.

Customized Packaging Solutions

We offer customized packaging solutions to meet your unique requirements. Tell us what kind of packaging you are looking for and how it should be designed. And we put our heart and soul to create the packaging accordingly.

Providing Visual Copy of Packaging Even Before Production

We also let you know what your evidence deposit bags are going to look like. We will send you a very detailed pre-press proof in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This pre-press proof will show you the type of bag you are purchasing with the art sized to scale.

Outstanding Customer Support

We strive to provide the highest levels of service to all customers, and we are always striving to take ourselves and our clientele to higher levels of accomplishment.

Quality Packaging Solutions

Our expertise, skills, and knowledge and keeping pace with the latest trends and technical developments, let us serve our clients with the best packaging innovations, thereby saving money and time with reduces waste.


Of course! We have an entire sample department that can send you a sample of the bag you are looking to make as well as samples of other bags that you might be interested in. Please contact your representative and request the sample bag that you require.

All domestic bags have a lead time of 4 weeks. All imported bags have a lead time of 10 to 12 weeks.

We will send you a very detailed pre-press proof in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This pre-press proof will show you the type of bag you are purchasing with the art sized to scale. You will also see the colors you have selected for your bag and how many sides they are printed on. Please keep in mind that all computer screens vary in size and color pitch. No image on a computer screen will look 100% exactly like the final product. The same holds true for color printouts. Please see the PMS color chart for just some of the available colors to choose from.


Call us at 1-800-770-4906 and share your bank bag needs with us so that we can help you find the right deposit bags. When you shop bank bags or other packaging items with us, you and your business are getting more than quality products for a reasonable price. We are sure to meet or exceed your bank deposit requirements. Get in touch now!