Shipping and Poly Mailer Bags on Wholesale prices

Shipping and Poly Mailer Wholesale Bags

Fully Customized Shipper, Poly Mailer Bags & EnvelopesGlobal Packaging Solution is a manufacturer of shipper bags, poly mailer bags, poly envelopes, and courier bags, These bags are often referred to as courier bags, poly mailers, or plastic envelopes. We manufacture and supply a large inventory of these poly based envelopes, including but not limited to a 30X30 heavy duty poly mailer. GPS is dedicated to filling your poly mailer & envelope needs. Fully customized poly mailers are our specialty. We manufacture both domestically and internationally, and can inventory virtually any sized poly mailer order you may have. We can custom manufacture your poly shippers, envelopes and poly mailers, with as little as 5,000 pieces to meet your exact purchasing needs.

If product security is critical, we can custom print security features for the financial, banking or law enforcement industries to supply you with functional tamper resistant and evident poly mailer envelopes that still meets your design requirements. Our poly mailing envelopes, shipping envelopes and shipping bags exceed industry mailing standards and are designed for strength while providing a low cost solution. We have the experience and capacity to custom print virtually any size poly shippers, mailers, and envelopes to fit almost any product and project your perfect brand and image.

Why buy your custom printed shipper bags and mailer bags from GPS?

Custom Printed Shipper Bags and Mailer Packaging Bags

If your brand image is important to you business, make sure the world gets to see with custom printed mailers manufactured by GPS. Poly bag mailers and shipper envelopes arshipper mailer envelope poly bag 2e an inexpensive and perfect way for shipping a variety of non-fragile items. Our co-extruded polyethylene mailer envelopes, self-sealing mailers are strong and tamper evident. They are capable of withstanding fraudulent attempts are resistant to high or low temperatures and chemicals. Our poly mailers will allow you to reduce shipping costs while ensuring that your products are protected from the elements. Incredibly strong and tear resistant our poly mailer envelopes are ideal for shipping towels, clothes, fabrics, documents, and etc. Additional benefits include the easy adherence of stamps, self stick labels, and ink or water resistance, tamper evident, lightweight to save on shipping, tough seams allow for heavy loads, tear resistant 100% polyethylene and recyclable. Call us today for a free price quote.