Packaging Plastic Stretch Wrap Film on Wholesale Prices

Stretch Wrap Film

If it is about the state of the art technology and exceptional production range, we make sure to deliver our customers nothing less than the best. For years iSellPackaging has been known to provide with an array of products including bundling stretch film, machine stretch wrap, hand stretch wrap, and several other stretch films.

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In order to meet your stringent quality requirements, iSellPackaging ensures to bring forth an array of plastic film supplies. These stretch wraps are a form of highly stretchable plastic film which is widely used all over the globe to wrap small and big items. Basically, this elastic film help keeps the items tightly bound and away from dust.

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Here is a quick look at the different types of stretch wrap films:

  • Hand Stretch Film- It is one of the common hand films available in standard 3″ core. Being a perfect fit for almost any hand dispensers, it becomes the prime choice.
  • Extended Core Stretch Film- If you are running a business which needs to wrap something on the go, this category offers built in handle. While these built in handles are great for low volume output and mobile stretch wrap applications, on the other hand it is comes at reasonable costs.
  • Bundling Stretch Film- When it is about bundling multiple products together using this plastic strapping is a great alternative. You can easily get them between 2-5 inches in width.
  • Machine Stretch Film- The best part about these machine wrapped films is that they can run up to a stretch of 250% on stretch wrap machines.
  • Vented Stretch Film- Want your products to breathe freely? Then vented stretch films are the right solution. Having the die-cut holes, these 80 gauge stretch film are most suitable when moisture is to be escape from the fully loaded pallets.