How to Choose the Right Retail Packaging for Your Product Needs

The impact of good packaging is amazing on your product. Packaging intends to be the first impression of any product. If your product has good packaging it will definitely grab the attention of consumers. There will surely be a thought to make a purchase after being attracted to the packaging.

According to the survey, 81% of consumers in the U.S.A tried something new as the packaging of the product caught their eye.

It is evident that right packaging is crucial for your product to reach the right consumers. On the other hand, wrong packaging can be detrimental to establish your brand identity. As no one will desire to buy a product which doesn’t have good packaging. Therefore, it is necessary for you to choose the right retail packaging for your product needs.

This blog will discuss the benefits of packaging and the ways by which you can choose the right retail packaging for your needs.

Elements of Packaging

Elements of Packaging’s help the consumer to relate to the brand easily. A sleek design along with proper branding is the essence of packaging which is possible due to these elements. The four main elements of packaging are:

Colors : Colors have the power to lay psychological impact on consumers and eventually draw their attention towards the product. Undoubtedly, colors reflect the personality of the brand and therefore must be chosen carefully.

Visuals: Visuals are there on product packaging to represent the product inside. Consumers can get an idea easily about the product even when the written description is not available.

Mascots: Mascots are the kind of pictorial representation that gives strength and identity to the brand packaging.

Typography: Similar to the colors, typography also denotes the values of the brand. It ideally represents your brand purpose. For instance, IBM font depicts power whereas Disney font depicts fun.

Format: Format of packaging of any product is demonstrated in a way that it can grasp the attention of the consumer and they can easily spot them in the market. Format mainly focuses on the requirements of the end users and their convenience.

Benefits of Packaging

●    Its is a brand voice

To understand why packaging is important it is necessary to understand what message it conveys to the end user. It is extremely important to understand what your product packaging will communicate about your brand. Each element of packaging discussed above has a significant message to be conveyed. For instance, it communicates:

  • Your brand’s ethics and values:
  • Your targeted audience
  • Role of your product
  • Its impact on the consumer

Therefore, there is no doubt that packaging is one of the most essential aspects of marketing.

●    Protection

The prime objective of packaging is protection of product contents inside it during handling, storage and transportation. Packaging intends to protect the product from manufacturing till it reaches the consumer from humidity, heat or any other external factors. Your product packaging must safeguard your product from all possible factors.

●    Safety

As all of the important information is there on the product packaging such as manufacturing date, date of expiry, ingredients and presence of any harmful or allergic substance. This all directly relates to the safety of the consumer. Packaging with too many details is far better than packaging with no information about the product. It builds trust of the consumer on brand.

●    Grasp Attention

For those brands that think out of the box and have attractive elements to the packaging, have higher chances of gaining popularity. Packaging is undoubtedly as much as important as the product itself. It directly impacts the decision of the consumer regarding the purchase.

●    Fit to all Purpose Packaging

Usually consumers intend to buy products with the packaging that can be reused for any other purposes. Also, they search for packaging that is simple to open or close, easy to handle and can be kept easily after usage. Also, environment conscious consumers intend to go for packaging that is environment friendly and reusable.

Moreover, the packaging must reduce the carbon footprint.

How You Can Choose the Right Retail Packaging

●     Budget:

Before you move ahead with the packaging, it is essential that you keep in mind and plan your overall budget. This will be helpful to you while selecting the material for packaging. Also, you would know how much cost you must spend in enhancing your product packaging.

There must be a balance between price of products and their attractiveness. Natural fiber or glass packaging seems to be very attractive in packaging. Yet, they are too costly to be used in packaging as well as shipping.

Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention that packaging neither affects your budget nor that of the end user.

If you learn the art of balancing budget with attractiveness of packaging your brand will attain its goal for sure.

●     Transportation:

It is essential that the packaging is suitable to carry products easily. In case your product is bulky or fragile, you need to adopt packaging with adequate strength.

It is more economical to select packaging as per the product requirements instead of letting the product be wasted while transportation. In this way you will satisfy your consumers without burdening your budget.

●     Materials And Sustainability:

The golden rule while selecting product packaging is to keep it of the right size. Neither it should be too small that the product does not fit in nor it should be too big that it gets ruined.

There are many options available in flexible films that make the transportation of products convenient in contrast to other bulky packaging materials.

●     Size

In situations where your product comes in a variety of sizes it is not advisable to create packaging or all the sizes. Rather, it is recommended to reduce the cost of manufacturing two different sized packaging.

In this way you will save both time and money and maintain consistency in packaging. Therefore, size of packaging is an essential parameter.

●     Design And Branding

As we have discussed that the packaging is the front player for any product that communicates with the end user, keep them in mind always. Always pay attention to the choices and interests of the end user. Packaging must align with their perspective. For instance, if your product is related to the kids, its packaging should be able to grasp the attention of the kids at first sight.

For this, you need to do proper market research and understand consumer intent. The first criteria of marketing is to think by putting yourself in the shoes of the end user. You must have a better idea why what they are looking for in the packaging and how you can quench their thirst with your brand’s creativity.

●    Choose the Right Packaging Company:

After you understand your packaging requirements and consumer intent, it is the time to choose the right packaging company that can address your needs well.

With years of experience and expertise in offering customized and valuable packaging solutions, iSellPackaging is one of the best packaging companies in the US.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, the role of packaging in the success of any brand can’t be ignored. Your packaging must have the power to catch the eye ball of the end user. After you are done with all essential considerations such as your needs, budget, etc. You can rely on iSellPackaging to offer you the best packaging solutions.

Why are Retail Packaging and Plastic Bag Solutions Making it Big?

Many big brands and shops customize Plastic Shopping Bags as per their logos and brands to create a bigger impact and help the audience take their shopped belongings with ease and comfort. Plastic bags can be recycled and have a much lesser impact on the environment regarding water emissions, air emissions, and solid waste as compared to paper bags. They require 40% less energy to be produced and the solid waste generated by them is 80% less than paper. Take a look at how Retail Packaging and Plastic Bag Solutions are reinventing everyday lives 

Custom Plastic Bags Offer a Wide Exposure

With Plastic Shopping Bags Wholesale USA, you can greatly enhance the usefulness and versatility of the shopping bad. Whether your customer uses it for carrying lunch, as a diaper bag, or to and fro from the grocery store, you know that a lot of people will get their eyes on the bag. When you design the bag custom for your brand, you can make it as eye-appealing as you like and you can add a personal touch to your clients. You can even add your company’s information such as social media handles or use a design that speaks about who your brand is. The options are limitless and your brand can get access to a wide client base. Custom bags are functional, and their attentiveness and usefulness allow your brand to communicate with your clients in a significant way.

Eco-Friendly Marketing Tool

Whether your clients use their Plastic Shopping Bags for travel, school, or work, these are very adaptable. These days, more and more people are paying attention to climate change and pollution. Customers find brands that put the environment first more appealing. When you offer your customers a completely eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable bag, they will be impressed by the environmentally sustainable approach you are taking towards your brand. As compared to plastic bags, or paper bags, the plastic shopping bag is a better marketing solution since your customers can use them any way they like.

Useful and Practical

All of us have a lot of things we need to carry with us and we need a convenient bag to help carry everything. This need for a bag ensures that most of us end up with a collection of the need for a bag to carry everything. This is why most of us amass a collection of shopping bags over the years that we use. Using Plastic Shopping Bags to market your product ensures that the owner of the bag will remember your brand and that they will advertise your brand for free every time they step out of the house. This maximizes the exposure your brand gets as compared to other promotional items such as ballpoint pens or notepads which at one point will be useless. 

Natural Visual Cue

Human nature looks out for visual cues that might interest them or help them make any decisions. You can hone this natural inclination and make the world recognize your brand through Plastic Shopping Bags Wholesale USA. These bags are highly functional, visual, and portable and are an astonishing addition to your market strategy.

Remain ahead with your branding strategy with plastic shopping bags wholesale USA by iSell Packaging. It is time to upscale your marketing campaign through retail packaging and plastic bag solutions.

Looked at Differently: The Advantages of Retail Packaging

Have you ever made a spontaneous decision (solely) based on attractive packaging? You are not alone. Blame it on retail packaging! Most shoppers make their final decisions while they shop at the store and therefore how a product is presented plays a vital role. Consider it a make-or-break point for any brand- to catch the customer’s attention in a split second in the middle of a hundred other brands.
A great retail packaging holds great power on the shopping behavior of customers. This includes design trends which later on becomes a huge asset for any brand to sell. Retail packaging has garnered the limelight after decades of meticulously curating packages that make a product “pop” on the shelves, consequently leading to a positive customer experience.
According to Contract Packaging Association, almost 40% of consumers would rather go for a product they have zero association with only because of its eye-catching packaging. Of course, marketing matters, the advertisements, reviews, recommendations, and brochures help a lot but, in the end, it is the packaging that remains the deciding factor if the brand is an ace or a complete mess. The other 60% of consumers believe that the packaging of the product remains a significant factor in terms of whether or not to test the product.


Retail Packaging Benefits

In simple terms, retail packaging is the whole packaging that could be considered as the life and light of every store shelf. Right from gift boxes, shopping bags, to vinyl bags and plastic bags, you name it. Retail packaging is the shelf-ready packaging required from a wide range of retail companies including large retail brands to small boutiques, and specialty store chains. Retail Packaging experts offer high-quality product packaging supplies to companies and small-scale brands depending on their requirements.


benefits/advantage of retail packaging



1.They are shelf-ready

There are zero hassles of unpacking and can be displayed straight onto the shelves. This is why it is loved by retailers.


Save the inconvenience of sorting and arranging the packaging materials. This leads to less time taken in restocking that results in less chaos in the stores.

3.Efficient workforce

The entire process is seamless which keeps the aisles clear, time saved, and productivity increased.

4.Improved customer experience

There a hundred similar products on the shelves. It is difficult for the customer to pick one. A great retail packaging means a fantastic display, eventually leading to capturing every shopper’s attention.

5.Great Retail Packaging = Strong Branding

Every shopper may spend hours at a store but take a few seconds to finalize a product. Strong retail packaging is an ultimate influence to make that choice/purchase.

6.Retailers are environmental “ahead”

Apart from other touchpoints for success, being green remains an incredible marketing factor for most brands. Consulting retail packaging experts stay ahead of time by sticking to trends and remaining environmental-friendly.

7.Secured Shipping

Shipping is a breeze when it is packed in its retail packaging. This ensures the secured fitting of the products which eventually decreases the risks of materials getting wasted.

8.Cost Saving

When a product is packed in retail packaging, it uses less space. Also, there is less use of external materials to secure the product. This leads to companies saving tons of money.

9.Raising the Competitive Edge

Retail packaging raises the bar in terms of design and in-store marketing. A shopper able to identify the packaging from a distance is proof enough of successful promotion.

10.Easy Shopping experience

Due to improved product appearance with retail packaging, shopping is a lot easier for the customer. Effortless scanning of the store shelves? Dream of every confident shopper.


The question remains, are companies able to see the power of retail packaging in this competitive domain?
When it comes to marketing products there is a lot of scrutinies involved. If companies do not use the marketing gimmicks correctly, they could affect customer loyalty, which could tarnish brand visibility.
This is where customized retail packaging comes into effect. Given the fact that shoppers depend on those crucial ten seconds timeframe to decide on the product, retail packaging becomes the deciding factor whether it sells or not. Therefore, it is important that the retail packaging communicates with the customer within those few seconds.
There are a huge number of brands and products competing against one another on the same shelf and retail packaging makes all the difference in achieving customer support. It could also eventually turn into a major purchasing behavior of any customer.
The intended brand message is conveyed through any effective retail packaging design. Of course, they are crafted according to personalized requirements but in the end, it all depends on whether or not it catches the attention of the customer.
The idea should be to garner as much information and knowledge as possible about customer buying trends as well which would, in turn, affect the retail packaging. This would require several surveys, marketing campaigns, and initiatives to come up with the ultimate retail packaging.


Companies, regardless of their scale and reach, should trust retail packaging experts. They are far ahead of you as they can determine the right size and type of packaging for your product that remains within your budget. Not to forget, a design that stands out. This calls for everyone to understand the advantages of retail packaging.

Retail Packaging and Environment: Not an Easy Affair

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Retailers are aware of the environmental concerns caused by packaging. However, eliminating plastic is not the total solution.

In a recent survey, 71.4% of consumers said that they want food and grocery retailers to be more eco-friendly. In other words, today’s customers are more aware of environmental concerns and want shops and businesses to reduce their impact.

The ever-increasing environment awareness among consumers has prompted many major retailers to reduce plastic usage. Some retail stores are using paper bags for loose fruit and veggies while some are using recyclable plastic packaging. 

Is “zero plastic” possible?

While most retailers are thinking about eliminating plastic packaging, it may not be feasible for them unless a powerful alternative is discovered. Plastic perhaps makes up most of the waste that goes into the ocean or dumped into landfills every year. However, the target of “zero plastic” isn’t realistic. Plastic is counted among the most flexible and durable packaging ideal for storing and transportation. Besides, it is great for branding.

However, it is worth to mention that many major brands like Nestlé, Unilever, The Body Shop, Procter and Gamble and PepsiCo have announced a reusable and refillable packaging model. Walmart has also announced that it is looking to reduce the packaging waste generated by its private labels with the goals of achieving 100% recyclable or compostable packaging for its private brands by 2025.

Some companies are launching their products without packaging. For example, Lush, a skincare brand, has launched Lush Naked Shops where they sell packaging-free products like shops. This new packaging concept has been termed as “Nude” packaging.

Humankind has gone one step further as they refill the products like deodorant, shampoo, and mouthwash of their customer once they are emptied. It means that customers have to buy those plastic packaging or container one time. This way, the company is minimizing the use of plastic.

Eliminating Plastic Only Can’t Serve the Purpose

It’s not only the plastic that impacts the environment. A better way to consider the environmental impact of materials is to look at the entire system, from manufacturing, transportation to warehousing.

For example, many companies want to use glass as a potential substitute, but the product also leaves a carbon footprint. The glass manufacturing process involves the furnaces being fired with fossil fuels, consuming more energy than the energy being consumed by the plastic. Then, when a glass is transported, it’s heavy, which simply means that it impacts the environment.

Glass isn’t an evil product, either. Both plastic and glass materials are important.

The Case is More Complicated at E-Commerce Store:

The packaging seems to be an inseparable part of eCommerce. While a customer can decide on packaging while shopping at a physical store, online shoppers don’t see packaging. They instead get a view of the final product and make their buying decision.


In an e-commerce scenario, the role of the packaging in encouraging the customers to buy the product is not nearly as important. The role of packaging is to protect the product from damages during shipping.


Here Amazon deserves a pat on their back. The e-commerce company is trying to ship the products on its inventory in more streamlined packaging. Amazon has started shipping in recyclable boxes that are easy to option and free of excess materials like hard plastic clamshell cases, wire ties and plastic bindings. It eats up less space in shipping containers and boxes, making shipping more efficient. It translates into the reduction in the consumption of greenhouse gases and fuels.

 Bottom Line:

To conclude, eliminating plastic from retail packaging is not an easy goal. However, consumers can play a big role in this scenario. For example, the can reuse or re purpose the plastic packaging they get.



4 Retail packaging for the businesses in 2016

As per the branding experts, it is highly important to create packaging designs which stand out on the shelf. This helps in establishing customer’s loyalty. Undoubtedly, marketers and branding professionals will lend you with endless options. But in order to serve your customers with nothing less than the best, you need to be aware of the latest trends. Find out them here.

Packaging design standards are never same. They have been changing and evolving with the passage of time, as per the consumer desires. And if you really wish to rule the market, all you need is a mastering packaging design. Remember, it doesn’t involve only knowing your brand. It is about connecting with the cultural trends which resonate with the target audience.

4 Retail packaging and Shopping trends of 2016

What? Trying to keep up with trends? Well, you problem is solved here. Checkout some of the amazing trends for 2016 here:

Action-oriented and environment friendly

If you want to make a real difference, environmentally friendly design is the popular trend to go with. Businesses need to take an action-oriented approach. This will help earning customer trust by presenting earth-friendly policies and your responsibility towards sourced materials. It is often seen that customers look for products which that make them feel closer to nature.

Abstract art will work magically

Nowadays package designers will do anything to make a product catch the consumers’ eyes. Thus, you can also try the same.  It can be neon colors, giant lettering, or even extreme minimalism. This type of packaging is getting popular in 2016. Many big and small brands have begun trading out these loud design elements. The reason is simple; it offers more elegant and art-focused look.

Hold on the old school approach

Yes, it is 2016, but the packaging trends will definitely take you back in the history. The playful spins on old trends are getting popular. It can be a design from prohibition-era or a vintage-style tattoo. You will easily observe multiple retro design requests to cater the hipsters target market. So, if you are running a business which has something to do with youthfulness, you can add quirky humor with vintage design approach.

Handmade with love

For those busy adults, intricate patterns and scenes were something used to explore their creative side. And now it has been observed that consumers are leaning toward the handmade more.  Actually, this growing trend is a sign for authenticity and honesty. Hence, you can gift your consumers a small-batch or anything which is crafty.

So, with these you’re ready to get ahead and beat out your contenders. Choose the best packaging designs for your business and step ahead!

Essential Tips To Select the Right Retail Bags for Your Business!

For every business, it is important to differentiate from the competitors. And all the difference you make depends on your marketing plan…

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

But, nowadays it is no more constrained to the products and services. There are several other factors influencing. Hence, in order to standout in the competitive market place, it is vital to think and implement some innovative ways. You need to think out of the box to make your target market buy from you.

Tips To Select the Right Retail Bags for Your Business

Choosing the right type of retail bags can be a crucial decision for your business. There are number of factors to be considered including the type of material used, cost, durability, etc. Let’s help you to select the one which best suit the needs of you customers. Here are some tips to consider:

  • You need to be very careful while choosing retail packaging stuff if you are into animal feeds and food supply. Make sure you get the correct grade of bag so that the content is suitable for the animal or human consumption.
  • Are you into sand or gravel business? Then you need to ensure that you pick the builders bags. These offer highest durability and are resistant to wears and tears.
  • For the retail environment businesses, who wish to reduce the use of plastic bags, paper packaging would be better. This will be more beneficial option for both, you and your customers.
  • If you have been using paper bags for long and now want to replace them with something more durable, high quality plastic bags can be chosen.
  • Other thing to be noted is to get your bags customized. You can simply get the bag printed with your logo and contact details. Let the people know you, where to contact you, and so on. You’ll get plenty of free advertising.
  • If you are working in a location where there’s risk of flooding, i.e. for emergency services, sandbags are the perfect solution. Hence, if you live near a canal or river, these help you rest assured that you’re protected.
  • If you are chemical manufacturer or distributor, you can pick up the packing stuff which holds chemicals and avoid contamination and spillage.
  • Looking for a great alternative to wheeled bins, recycling bags will be the right choice. It will simple make sorting out and collecting recyclable items easy for you.
  • Go for reusable bags. This helps you reduce your costs and it is nice way to make your customers reuse the same bags, and put their contribution in saving environment.

Being an entrepreneur, it is important to understand the basic needs of your consumers. Moreover, you must keep an eye of the ongoing trend in the industry. For many businesses owners, shopping bags can as a simple object used by the customers to carry all the purchases. But for an intelligent business man, it is a tool to attract more customers and form brand awareness in the market. Hence, make a smart decision, and choose the retail bags wisely.