Benefits of Biodegradable Bags: Why Is It Essential?

The standard definition of biodegradable material is an object or a substance that can decay and get destroyed naturally without producing any harmful materials.

Simply put, if an object is biodegradable, it means that it will ultimately be able to break down into a lot of smaller pieces with the help of microorganisms like fungi or bacteria.
However as there is no exact time limit on how much time biodegradable materials take to break down, it can get confusing sometimes. This is the central difference between biodegradable plastics and compostable. It is often an essential consideration that you need to take into account when you need to choose if biodegradable bags are right for your business.

We have been focusing on increasing the usage of biodegradable materials over the past decade especially since we want to reduce how much traditional plastic is used globally. It is an environmentally viable solution to use biodegradable materials whenever possible. However, when you are considering switching to biodegradable plastic bags for your business, you need to take every aspect into consideration. Here are 7 benefits of biodegradable bags to help you make this decision:

Benefits of Biodegradable Bags

Easily decomposable
After continued field trials, development, and research, there are 100% compostable materials available made from a blend of PLA(sugar cane) and co-polyester. Compostable, biodegradable films and bags are completely recyclable and weigh just as much as traditional plastic bags. They provide equal strength and are completely leakproof. Biodegradable bags can degrade on sea or land.

Reduction in Carbon Emissions
Biodegradable bags are made from PLA bioplastic which is made from sugar cane. You can think of biodegradable bags as a plant-based alternative. It creates far fewer carbon emissions as compared to traditional plastic. Traditional plastic can release up to four tons of emissions, while biodegradable plastics only emit 0.8 tons of carbon which is a clear 500% reduction.

Recycling and Repurposing
Bioplastics take up oil that is completely organic and extracted from plants as compared to traditional plastics. These oils can make the surfaces of biodegradable bags less brittle and more malleable so that it gets easier to add new textures and form new shapes. Biodegradable bags are exactly just as moldable when they are compared to traditional plastics. They can even be turned into several appealing shapes that meet your requirements exactly. Additionally, you can even repurpose and recycle these several times in their shelf life.
Traditional plastics, on the other hand, are generally not very safe for repurposing and recycling since they may have some material that may leak dangerous and toxic chemicals right from the first use. As biodegradable packaging and bags originate from natural substances that are found in nature, there can even be toxins and dangerous chemicals present in these items.

Biodegradable bags are manufactured from natural materials which indicate that they are very safe for users. Traditional plastics are usually made with chemicals and harmful by-products that can pose a threat to life and the environment as well. These are very likely to release these harmful substances when going through the breakdown process. PET Plastic that is most used for standard water bottles can leak chemicals and even attract harmful bacteria. However, when it comes to biodegradable plastic bags, they are deemed to be completely safe. Biodegradable plastic bags do not release any toxins when they are breaking down. Their by-products get completely absorbed after breakdown by the soil.

Less Petroleum
Biodegradable plastics can also minimize the usage of petroleum supplies. Normally traditional plastic can be manufactured using oil molecules being treated and heated in order to convert into polymers. Right now up to 2.7 percent of the petroleum of an average country is used during the manufacturing process for traditional plastic. On the other hand, biodegradable plastics are manufactured using completely natural materials like plants, starch, orange peels, corn, and sugar cane. This manufacturing process needs far less energy. If you want an environmentally friendly option, this manufacturing process does not need any fossil fuels to be burned.
Hence, this indicates that a lot more biodegradable plastics can be produced while consuming far less energy as compared to traditional bags. Therefore, as well as taking up less precious resources, you also add less pollution to the environment. When you reduce the production of traditional plastics, you can produce more biodegradable plastics preferably, while freeing up oil resources for reallocation to various causes such as transport and heat.

Brand Friendly
You can even use biodegradable bags to market your product better. You can use custom biodegradable bags to create a better brand image. There are a lot of corporations like Coca-Cola that use bioplastic products because they are sustainable. You can choose green options to create a positive impact on your brand as well as focus on helping the environment.


As you saw in the article, there are a lot of advantages to using biodegradable bags. Biodegradable bags are very environmentally friendly. For the sake of the environment, we need to encourage their use. However, it is wiser to focus on the education and awareness of plastic bags since repurposing them can create a big difference. Since biodegradable bags can take up a lot less time than traditional plastic to decompose, they can be extremely easy to recycle and don’t even release any toxic chemicals.

Benefits of High-Quality Agricultural and Landscape Bags

Agricultural Plastic Bags have been gaining a lot of popularity among farmers for quite a while now. Since agricultural bags are flexible and resourceful, they are cost-effective and even save time. There are many benefits of using agricultural plastic bags and farmers are beginning to recognize the efficiency of this innovative storage routine. From discharging grains to a reseller or a manufacturer to filling at the farm, plastic bags for agricultural businesses offer big advantages. In addition to the storage of grain and seed, there are a lot of reasons to think about using agricultural bags, some of these are:

Agricultural Bags

Saves time

When you are using agricultural or landscape bags, you can reduce the time needed for loading grains into trucks and for transporting them to elevators or grain bins. To make the process as efficient as possible, you can harvest the grains and store them right in your field. This will drastically cut down the time that you need to work by reducing a lot of back and forth transport of the more traditional, and older storage containers.

Increases the efficiency of the harvest

When you use agricultural plastic bags wholesale in USA, you gain access to a more efficient and flexible method of storing grains. You just need to store the bags wherever it feels convenient, in a lot, your farm, or even the field itself. You get access to limitless capacity, and since you don’t need to transport them to a specific place, you need to hire less labor. The labor constraints reduce, you can also move grain faster and you can separate the grain variety effortlessly into various storage bags. All in all, you can streamline the various processes involved during harvest and make them as productive as possible with agricultural plastic bags.

Advances commodity marketing

Agricultural plastic bags are designed to preserve grain. They do this efficiently by offering your grains an ideal environment within the bags. When you add grains to the bags and seal them, you are essentially giving your grains airtight conditions and are eliminating the need to add any preservative chemicals. Overall, your costs reduce and you manage to retain the best possible grain quality. If the prices of the commodity are low, and the storage place imposes certain constraints, using agricultural bags presents flexible unlimited storage. Not only this allows farmers to control the grains and crop better, but it also helps them plan the right time to market it for the top dollar.

Reduces labor problems

As you can use agricultural plastic bags wholesale NYC anywhere, the costs of transportation decrease significantly. Since you don’t need to transport grains over and over again, you need fewer trucks to store them in agricultural plastic bags. The costs of the labor involved reduce naturally. You can store the grains anywhere that you find convenient and you can also send them to the intended destination directly from the field.

Agricultural plastic bags provide a storage solution for leased land

Farmers who take additional land on rent don’t always have a cost-efficient solution when it comes to storage. Many times they don’t have storage bins or they don’t exactly have space in their storage bins. When you run out of space, you need to deal with the additional inconvenience and cost of using elevators. With agricultural plastic bags, you can store your grains easily for the rented land crops. With agricultural plastic bags, you also get a virtually infinite amount of storage.

Offers unlimited storage capacity

Even if you don’t lease your land, you might still have a bumper crop, or the crops from your previous years of production might take up storage space. In such cases, you can use an agricultural plastic bag to effectively and safely store unlimited amounts of crops and grains on the field itself.

Cost-efficient storage

Agricultural plastic bags wholesale USA cost about 7 cents per bushel or less. When compared with traditional storage containers, which go up from 14 to 37 cents per bushel, you can see that there is a massive difference in the costs. Using agricultural plastic bags can help you cut the costs of operations and maximize your profits.

Easily transportable and reliable

After agricultural plastic bags are filled and sealed, the oxygen levels inside the bags decrease while carbon dioxide level increases as the bags are airtight. This change in the environment of your crops and grains can eliminate numerous strains of insects and fungal diseases without even opening the bag and using any harsh chemicals that affect the quality of the crop. Additionally, when you are equipped to sell and market your crops, you can easily unload them right after the harvest is done when you have much more time, more labor is available at your disposal and the truck costs are lower.

Expand your harvest window

Farmers can begin harvesting operations right at the beginning of the season and later into fall by using plastic agricultural bags since fall witnesses higher than average humidity and moisture. You can easily unload the crops and grains and dry them at a later time to lower the chance of getting into a bottleneck situation at a grain dryer.


The transport and storage of seed and grain have changed quite a lot over the past centuries. The techniques have come a long way from traditional woven sacks to now using agricultural plastic bags. These adaptations were made to make the processes involved easier while keeping the product safe and maintaining its quality.

Benefits of Custom Poly Mailers Bags

Poly Mailers are very common in the e-commerce industry. They are the most preferred method for many sellers. It is due to the fact that an e-commerce seller needs to ship numerous lightweight and small objects virtually every day. Even though custom-sized boxes can serve the same purpose, poly mailers save more space and reduce costs. Whether you use a poly mailer or a box, you need to keep in mind that it represents your brand. You certainly don’t want your brand to look and feel boring and dull. Poly Mailer bags manufacturers USA make sure your brand image only gets better.

Custom poly mailer bags

Although many people try to focus on designing the boxes, they often forget to realize that the design potential with a poly mailer is higher. You could use glossy and make it look subtle or like a pop-up. You could also include your business copy, a small description, some social media icons, your website, as well as blogs. You could also choose two completely different patterns as fronts. If you want to add an extra layer, you could also go opt for stickers. You can opt for many customized ideas for your poly mailers.

Why are custom poly mailer bags with logo a Better Option?


There are many different kinds of poly mailers available these days that can be great for shipping apparel, soft goods, or documents. There are also many bubble mailers available that provide more resistance against damage. These can be perfect for books, electronics, and even jewelry. If you want to add a luxurious feel to the poly mailer, you can opt for some metallic mailers. Metallic mailers have a shiny exterior and are self-adhesive. For heavy-duty goods, you can opt for insulated mailer tote bags for best results. These mailers also provide tear-proof and puncture-proof varieties that can survive even tough weather environments. All of these varieties can offer much more flexibility than traditional boxes. You can use them to fit various products in unique shapes for compact packaging. Poly mailers also consume much less space during delivery and shipping.


Added Security

You understand your product completely. If you think that your product requires an extra layer for protection, you can opt for a bubble wrap lined poly mailer. It can even be a piece of cloth that remains safe against any damage during transit. The crucial thing is to ensure that your custom poly mailers offer you greater freedom of choice. Besides these varieties, there are also many tamper-evident sealing options available that only allow your customer to open them properly. These offer protection against any possible vandalism during shipping and delivery. You should also consider the prevailing weather conditions before you ship your products. Even though most poly mailers are waterproof, you could always check more details to be on the safer side. That way you can rest assured that your product will reach your customers securely.



Poly mailer bags are probably one of the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to e-commerce. Many shipping companies these days have introduced the concept of dimensional weights that add to the overall shipping cost, mainly with boxes. On the other hand, the shipping cost for poly mailer bags starts from $0.49 at USPS provided the package is under 13 oz. But there are other ways as well in which poly mailers can considerably lower your costs. Suppose your customer wants to return a product, with a poly mailer they just need to seal the contents and ship them to you. Your customers don’t need to look for extra packaging materials, which improves your overall customer experience. It strengthens the identity of your brand and makes the entire process a lot easier.


Advertising and Branding

By using poly mailer bags, you can offer free marketing for your products. Even though it does not provide a similar unboxing experience to a box, it still is an effective way to get the attention of your customers. If you sell your products offline, custom poly mailer bags can help you stand out amongst your competitors. Taking a sustainable approach with recycling, many customers these days store their bags carefully and use them again for various purposes. By using custom poly mailers, you ensure the presence of your brand all the time and get easy access to free marketing.


Some Common Myths about Poly Mailers

They are not Recyclable

Many customers often shy away from poly mailers because they think that these bags contribute to plastic waste and can’t really be recycled. However, it is very easy to recycle a poly mailer bag if done properly. It should be dry, clean, and should not hold any labels that can tamper with the recycling process.


Customizing a poly mailer bag is a lot of trouble

Custom poly mailer bags are much more than a tedious task, they are an investment. In the long run, the customer satisfaction and returns you get from clients will pay for themselves. Nowadays with professional vendors, the entire process has become very simple and efficient.

If you are looking to invest in custom poly mailers bags, you should start online where the entire process is cost-effective and transparent. Whether you want to place a bulk order or start with a small test batch, you can contact an experienced vendor who can accommodate your requirements. With a fast turnaround time, and designer support you can create beautiful custom designs easily in very little time.

Why Plastic Packaging Wholesale USA is best for Food Packaging

The rise in demand for final goods alternatively known as consumer goods has been tremendous. The growing population heavily influenced by marketing adds to the value by being on the lookout for better and attractive packaging and manufacturers strive to enhance their strategies for added value. Especially in the food and beverage industry, good, eye-catching packaging matters from a sales standpoint.
There are several food packaging materials and alternatives, however, plastic packaging is deemed the most reliable and preferred from retail standards. It is also recommended for small-scale food businesses like hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, etc. Due to the durability and adaptability of retail plastic bags wholesale has retained its popularity and safely made its way to food packaging.



Debunking misleading Information

In this day and age, one cannot ignore the environment but it is the misinterpreted knowledge that does hamper the minds of people. For instance, the whole debate about sustainability and resourceful materials leads to severe actions against plastic packaging and materials.


• As per American Chemistry Council, plastic bags use 40-70% less energy compared to paper bag production in terms of production.
• It takes seven trucks to deliver paper bags for every single truck to deliver Custom plastic bags for packaging.
• Plastic packaging production requires only 4-5% of the amount of water needed to produce paper packaging.
• One pound of plastic requires a lot less energy to recycle than one pound of paper (more than 90% less energy)
• When it comes to air pollution, retail plastic bags wholesale production emits 70% less air pollution than paper bag production.

Advantages of Plastic Packaging Wholesale USA

1. Hygiene
Ideally, unpackaged foods or packaged using low-quality material is not considered safe for humans. Plastic packaging undergoes necessary and standard tests and controls which makes it ideal for food packaging.

2. Less Wastage
Contrary to the popular opinion, plastic packaging does not promote waste. It, on the other hand, extends the shelf life of food which prevents damage, and therefore, there is a lot less wastage compared to other packaging materials.

3. Efficiency
Plastic packaging is comparatively a lot more energy efficient than other materials. This makes it an efficient packaging material. According to American Chemistry Council, two pounds of plastics can commute 10 gallons of a beverage.

4. Weight
Plastic packaging for food is also a lot lighter. Even with the low weight, it offers high strength and durability. Any material other than plastic would weigh 4 to 5 times more than plastic in terms of food packaging. This means an evident reduction in carbon footprint due to ease in transportation.

5. Environment friendly
Times have changed, and so has technology. In this day and age, plastic packaging can also be re-used as fuel. Along with that it can be fully recycled and used again for new products.

6. Innovation

Plastic packaging has evolved with time and as per usage and environment. The pattern from the past two decades has been such that the weight of plastic per packaging unit has only been decreasing. The trend continues to show that the weight has reduced to more than 30%.

7. Creativity
Packaging ideas and designs know no bounds when it comes to plastic packaging. There are several properties that make this material multi-functional. This means one can create and manufacture Custom plastic bags for packaging in all shapes and sizes. This, in turn, improves brand visibility and image from a retail standpoint.

8. Functionality
Plastic packaging for food comes equipped with smart sensors and indicators that keep the consumers informed and alert about temperature fluctuations or external damages the product might have experienced. Also known as active packaging, it keeps the products fresh and extends their shelf life.

9. Economical

Irrespective of their benefits and potential, plastic packaging is considered highly economical which reflects in the end product. Small-scale manufacturers and business owners prefer plastic bags for food packaging due to its cost-effectiveness.

10. Durability
The high versatility of plastic allows it to be durable which helps it survive extreme temperatures. Therefore, there is no trace of degradation regardless of intense or slight moisture, dust, odors, light, or air quality. This preserves the standard of the beverage or food stored inside it. Its durable quality also makes the packaging shatterproof.

Plastic food packaging ensures that food items last longer and contributes remarkably less in terms of wastage and pollution. Along with that, good permeability and transparency make plastic packaging protect food from all kinds of mechanical influences and germs. This maintains hygiene levels and protection against all kinds of damage during transport. It implies the safety and protection of fresh produce and organic products.
Among all the benefits and advantages, one should learn to comprehend the correct usage of plastic packaging in a way that it harms nothing and no one. This is why it is important to rely on Plastic Packaging Wholesale USA for the best possible solutions in terms of food packaging for it has the world full of benefits to offer.

Looked at Differently: The Advantages of Retail Packaging

Have you ever made a spontaneous decision (solely) based on attractive packaging? You are not alone. Blame it on retail packaging! Most shoppers make their final decisions while they shop at the store and therefore how a product is presented plays a vital role. Consider it a make-or-break point for any brand- to catch the customer’s attention in a split second in the middle of a hundred other brands.
A great retail packaging holds great power on the shopping behavior of customers. This includes design trends which later on becomes a huge asset for any brand to sell. Retail packaging has garnered the limelight after decades of meticulously curating packages that make a product “pop” on the shelves, consequently leading to a positive customer experience.
According to Contract Packaging Association, almost 40% of consumers would rather go for a product they have zero association with only because of its eye-catching packaging. Of course, marketing matters, the advertisements, reviews, recommendations, and brochures help a lot but, in the end, it is the packaging that remains the deciding factor if the brand is an ace or a complete mess. The other 60% of consumers believe that the packaging of the product remains a significant factor in terms of whether or not to test the product.


Retail Packaging Benefits

In simple terms, retail packaging is the whole packaging that could be considered as the life and light of every store shelf. Right from gift boxes, shopping bags, to vinyl bags and plastic bags, you name it. Retail packaging is the shelf-ready packaging required from a wide range of retail companies including large retail brands to small boutiques, and specialty store chains. Retail Packaging experts offer high-quality product packaging supplies to companies and small-scale brands depending on their requirements.


benefits/advantage of retail packaging



1.They are shelf-ready

There are zero hassles of unpacking and can be displayed straight onto the shelves. This is why it is loved by retailers.


Save the inconvenience of sorting and arranging the packaging materials. This leads to less time taken in restocking that results in less chaos in the stores.

3.Efficient workforce

The entire process is seamless which keeps the aisles clear, time saved, and productivity increased.

4.Improved customer experience

There a hundred similar products on the shelves. It is difficult for the customer to pick one. A great retail packaging means a fantastic display, eventually leading to capturing every shopper’s attention.

5.Great Retail Packaging = Strong Branding

Every shopper may spend hours at a store but take a few seconds to finalize a product. Strong retail packaging is an ultimate influence to make that choice/purchase.

6.Retailers are environmental “ahead”

Apart from other touchpoints for success, being green remains an incredible marketing factor for most brands. Consulting retail packaging experts stay ahead of time by sticking to trends and remaining environmental-friendly.

7.Secured Shipping

Shipping is a breeze when it is packed in its retail packaging. This ensures the secured fitting of the products which eventually decreases the risks of materials getting wasted.

8.Cost Saving

When a product is packed in retail packaging, it uses less space. Also, there is less use of external materials to secure the product. This leads to companies saving tons of money.

9.Raising the Competitive Edge

Retail packaging raises the bar in terms of design and in-store marketing. A shopper able to identify the packaging from a distance is proof enough of successful promotion.

10.Easy Shopping experience

Due to improved product appearance with retail packaging, shopping is a lot easier for the customer. Effortless scanning of the store shelves? Dream of every confident shopper.


The question remains, are companies able to see the power of retail packaging in this competitive domain?
When it comes to marketing products there is a lot of scrutinies involved. If companies do not use the marketing gimmicks correctly, they could affect customer loyalty, which could tarnish brand visibility.
This is where customized retail packaging comes into effect. Given the fact that shoppers depend on those crucial ten seconds timeframe to decide on the product, retail packaging becomes the deciding factor whether it sells or not. Therefore, it is important that the retail packaging communicates with the customer within those few seconds.
There are a huge number of brands and products competing against one another on the same shelf and retail packaging makes all the difference in achieving customer support. It could also eventually turn into a major purchasing behavior of any customer.
The intended brand message is conveyed through any effective retail packaging design. Of course, they are crafted according to personalized requirements but in the end, it all depends on whether or not it catches the attention of the customer.
The idea should be to garner as much information and knowledge as possible about customer buying trends as well which would, in turn, affect the retail packaging. This would require several surveys, marketing campaigns, and initiatives to come up with the ultimate retail packaging.


Companies, regardless of their scale and reach, should trust retail packaging experts. They are far ahead of you as they can determine the right size and type of packaging for your product that remains within your budget. Not to forget, a design that stands out. This calls for everyone to understand the advantages of retail packaging.

Plastic Bags for Food Packaging: Food Safety and Recyclability

Did you know?

Plastic is a very versatile material originating from various elements.

The elements of the periodic table, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur are the bases of a variety of plastics used to make most of the products we use every day. Some plastics are clear and strong while some are lightweight. Plastics can be resistant to bacteria and can be used in food packaging and medical equipment.

Plastics are used in various types of food packaging and containers for a variety of reasons: they help protect food and prevent damage, ensure food safety and extend the freshness of food.


How Safe and Recyclable Plastic Food Packaging Are? Here Comes Identification Codes 

You must have seen the number 1 through 7 on the bottom or to the side of the plastic container. This number is the plastic “resin identification code”, also known as the “recycling number.” The number indicates the safety and ability to be recycled of plastic packaging.

Most of the plastic resins used in packaging (# 1 through # 7) are recyclable as well as are safe for food packaging.


PETE or PET (recycling number 1 / resin ID code 1)

Polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET) is a lightweight semi-rigid or rigid plastic much more resistant to impacts that help protect food or liquids inside the container.

PET is commonly used in food packaging such as soft drinks, sports drinks, and water in individual format, ketchup, salad dressings, vitamins, vegetable oil bottles, and peanut butter containers.

HDPE (recycling number 2 / resin ID code 2)

HDPE or High-density polyethylene is a tough, opaque plastic that is lightweight. For example, an HDPE milk container may weigh only half a kilo, but be strong enough to hold about 3.78 liters of milk.

HDPE is commonly used in milk and juice containers, vinegar and squeeze butter bottles, and chocolate syrup containers, in addition to shopping bags.

PVC (recycling number 3 / resin ID code 3)

The element chlorine is the main ingredient used to make polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a common type of biologically and chemically resistant plastic. These two characteristics help PVC containers preserve the integrity of products, including medicines.

Clear vinyl is used as tamper-resistant OTC medicine packaging and in the shrinkage of various products. Vinyl is also used in blister packaging (packaging that has a cavity or gap), such as packages for refreshing mints or chewing gum, for example.

LDPE (recycling number 4 / resin ID code 4)

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is thinner than other resins and also has higher heat resistance. Due to its strength and flexibility, LDPE is used primarily in plastic film applications that require heat sealing, but it is also used in rigid applications.

LDPE is commonly used in food packaging to make coffee can lids, bread bags, holding rings for six-can soda packs, and fruit and vegetable bags used in grocery stores.

PP (recycling number 5 / resin ID code 5)

Polypropylene (PP) is a somewhat rigid plastic, but less brittle than other plastics. It can be translucent, opaque, or a different color when manufactured. In general, PP has a high melting point, which makes it particularly suitable for packaging products used in the microwave oven or dishwasher. PP is commonly used in food packaging for yogurt, maple syrup, cream cheese, and sour cream containers, as well as prescription drug bottles.

PS (recycling number 6 / resin ID code 6)

Polystyrene (PS) is a hard, colorless plastic without much flexibility. It can be foamed or poured into molds to be molded into plastic spoons or forks, for example.

How to use it? In food packaging, PS is used to make plastic lids, food and bakery trays, fast food containers and lids, hot containers, and egg cartons.

Other or O (recycling number 7 / resin ID code 7)

Other or O on the plastic container indicates that the container was manufactured with a plastic resin other than the six types of resins mentioned above, for example, the container could be polycarbonate or polylactide acid (PLA), or it could be made of more than one plastic resin material.

In food packaging, plastic-type # 7 is generally used to make almost 20-liter containers of water and some citrus juice and ketchup bottles, as well as cups, lids for coffee containers and clam containers.


How To Choose the Best Plastic Bag Manufacturers USA?

If you are looking for a good Plastic Bag Manufacturers USA, you have to think future-oriented: The plastics industry is in focus despite or especially in particularly environmentally conscious times, but still an absolute all-rounder for business, industry, and people. What you therefore need is a partner whom you can rely on for joint projects and series productions and who combine three essential aspects: availability, a sense of responsibility, and innovation.

But what are these three pillars of a good manufacturer of plastic parts and what measures are involved?

In the following article, we will show you what you should pay attention to when choosing a good Plastic Bag Manufacturers USA to be able to implement your projects successfully, promptly, future-oriented, and also cost-effectively.

  • Guaranteed system availability
  • Plastic and the environment
  • Future-oriented special solutions in plastics production
  • Conclusion
  1. Guaranteed system availability

Since the Corona crisis at the latest, availability has gained a new status, be it food and everyday products or vaccines that promise salvation: Immediate availability is decisive whenever it is urgently needed. In the plastics industry, this emergency is no different: if there is a threat of a production stop or production line standstill because urgent parts are missing, fast delivery of spare parts is crucial.

How can a manufacturer of plastic parts guarantee availability?

Sufficient measures for system and machine availability

To have a really good manufacturer of plastic parts at your side, they should be able to come up with sufficient system and machine availability. Therefore, when making your selection, find out about the measures taken by the manufacturer to ensure availability and fast deliveries even during times of crisis!

  • Ask specifically how it reacts to “quick fixes”, how bottlenecks can be avoided or order peaks can be covered and what the situation is about flexible adaptation to customer requirements and production times. For example, the existing redundancy of machines ensures that there is always sufficient machine capacity. With the appropriate foresight in terms of planning and preparation, consistently good capacity utilization is also no problem: the necessary injection molding tools are ideally always ready and waiting, and predictive material preparation with regard to drying, mixing and processing ensures that there is always sufficient material stockpiling.


  • In addition, a high level of security should be provided to minimize the risk of a production standstill. A prepared manufacturer of plastic parts ensures machine availability is always guaranteed: A fire-protected, optimally temperature-controlled tool store ensures this safety. Injection molding tools that are ready for use at all times are in perfect condition so that they are always able to act even in the event of external influences such as fire. Several independent production facilities in the form of fire compartments or factories provide additional protection.

With these measures and such a setup, the necessary toolmaking, mold making, and/or fast (replacement) partial delivery – in short: availability at all times – are no problem!


  1. Plastic and the environment

Probably the biggest and most important issues that the plastics industry has had to deal with in recent years are environmental friendliness, environmental protection, and sustainability. Green Environment Initiatives create conscious and consistent information that helps to gradually establish appropriate measures. The positive results of environmental protection measures speak for themselves and are particularly essential for the plastics industry to remain competitive in the future.

But how do you recognize good Plastic Bag Manufacturers USA who doesn’t just jump on a marketing bandwagon, but fulfill their responsibility?

Environmental issues and plastics: protective measures

What environmental protection measures does good Plastic Bag Manufacturers USA take? What is being done for effective nature conservation and the actual prevention of harmful plastic waste?

Environmentally conscious production and a well-organized and controlled supply chain are particularly important! This also includes your management, the correct handling and economical use of materials, regular control and analysis of the measures taken, as well as compliance with applicable legal, environmental, and occupational health and safety requirements.

When choosing your plastic parts manufacturer, ask what they do to avoid plastic in the environment. For example, if measures are taken, such as

  • Careful selection already when purchasing: Where do the necessary raw materials come from?
  • the direct collection of plastic particles (granules) so that they cannot get into the wastewater.
  • the prevention of loose material in nature and rivers.
  • a sufficient control and possible measures if during deliveries and/or transport, for example, granulate sacks or containers, are or are damaged?

Such measures are also particularly important to lead with a certain standard and as a good example for other countries. This is why Plastic Bag Manufacturers USA have a special duty to make their customers aware of the places where reusable materials such as recycled materials can be used in production. At the same time, your environmental protection measures should be made sufficiently transparent to draw the attention of suppliers, customers, other companies, and individuals to relevant projects and opportunities.

  1. Future-oriented special solutions in plastics production

Heat, pressure, friction, contact with oils, greases, and other materials that can cause reactions: plastic parts that are used in systems and machines have to withstand a lot of stress – and for as long as possible to be truly sustainable. If parts are worn out and used up too quickly, the material they are made of is not a permanent solution for extreme conditions. When used on humans and in medical technology, plastics have to withstand completely different requirements. good Plastic Bag Manufacturers USA endeavors to use research and innovation to develop special solutions for high-performance overall systems that can be used for a particularly long time where they are needed in the long term.

The challenges are high – as are the innovative possibilities!



Plastic Bag Manufacturers USA always focus on the future: Absolute system availability even in critical times, environmentally conscious production and a sense of responsibility, as well as future-oriented development of innovative special solutions and high-performance plastics, are the decisive quality features that you should pay attention to when choosing the best possible plastic bag manufactures!


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No one denies the fact that printed plastic bags wholesale NYC are detrimental to the environment and can cause health hazards, especially in animals. It is also hard to recycle plastic bags. However, it is also true that plastic has revolutionized the packaging industry and has been the single greatest innovation for packaging solutions across the globe. And it is precisely this reason why companies have been investing billions of dollars into the production of plastic bags. Plastic bags are used everywhere from shopping to retailing to wholesale and industrial packaging.

Yes, there are other eco-friendly materials available to manufacture bags from, but custom-printed plastic bags still remain highly beneficial for businesses because of the following reasons.

Branding and marketing opportunities

The basic requirement for placing an advertisement is the availability of a space where the reader can read/view all the information. A plastic bag, small or large, has enough space for a business to advertise itself. Using the latest advancements in printing technologies, business information can be printed on plastic bags ranging from a single logo to providing details about services/products, contact details, and other useful information.

Reusability and cost-effectiveness

Plastic bags are known to be highly reusable with their usage cycle going into hundreds of uses before they need to be discarded. Just think about it – a single logo on a single plastic bag, but it is visible to many people hundreds of times. This makes it one of the cheapest forms of advertising where your business can showcase itself to all those potential customers at a fraction of the cost of investing in more traditional or digital marketing activities. It effectively translates into more or less a free marketing and advertising platform.


Plastic bags are more resistant to weather, chemicals, and general wear and tear. Paper bags or cloth bags absorb water quickly but plastic bags can better protect the contents inside your bag if it is raining or even if you accidentally drop the bag into a puddle of water.

Cheaper as compared to cloth or paper

The average cost of reusable plastic wholesale packaging bags USA is less than 20 cents apiece, which is significantly lower than that of a paper bag. Moreover, cloth bags can set you back by a few dollars apiece. This clearly shows that it is beneficial for businesses to source plastic bags in bulk quantities and get them printed at once as it saves a lot of money that can be put to use elsewhere.

Space and time consideration at retail store counters

In stores where there are long lines at the cashier counter for billing, it becomes necessary to keep the lines moving with fast turnaround times. Also, with so many customers thronging the stores, it is important to store a sizable amount of carry bags at the checkout counters to serve the customers. Plastic bags occupy less space as compared to paper bags, both at the cashier counter and in storage. Also, plastic bags are lightweight and are quicker to open and pack, saving considerable time – even if you save 3 seconds per customer using a plastic bag instead of a paper bag, 100 customers mean a savings of 300 seconds (or 5 minutes). This helps in keeping the customer lines moving efficiently at checkout counters of stores.

Environmental benefits

Today, most of the plastic bags available in the market are biodegradable as single-use plastics are being phased out gradually. While an ordinary plastic bag takes more than 500 years to start decomposing, a biodegradable plastic bag can decompose in 3-5 years. Also, no traces of plastic are left behind by biodegradable bags.

The manufacturing of plastic bags is energy efficient as compared to paper or cloth bags. The manufacture of a single plastic bag uses up to 40% less energy and releases almost 70% less solid industrial waste as compared to a paper bag of the same volume.

And finally, recycling one pound of plastic uses 90% less energy when compared to recycling one pound of paper.


Plastic has had its fair share of criticism but that should not stop us from intelligently weighing the pros and cons of using a plastic bag. As shown in the aforementioned points, plastic bags have numerous benefits which make them important for any business.

If still there is concern regarding plastic bags, their manufacture, and use, you can always look forward to hiring plastic bag consultants in the United States for your business who can based on their years of experience, guide you in the best possible use of plastic bags while also causing the least damage to the environment.

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Understanding the Importance of Packaging for Your Products

Packaging Benefits for Your Business

Packaging is one of the important things in many businesses. But it is often not thought about in the impact it can have on your business.

But packaging can impact your business and your brand in ways that you may not think of all the time. According to one survey, over 70% of consumers admit that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions.

Here we will go through some key benefits of packaging for your products (Infographic).

Offering Protection to the Products:

The packaging is an important barrier to safeguard the products they contain throughout their lifecycle. It can be a cardboard carton that carries your product or the satchel being used to mail your product.

Even it can be a shrink wrap and the strapping that you put on your product to secure it during transport.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your packaging and your brand and how it works together. It can do more than that as you move to the next points.

Benefitting Your Branding:

Your packaging plays important role in branding.

After all, it is the first point of view, the first touch point that customers have with your business when they receive your product so when we’re thinking branding we want that product to arrive at the customer in the best shape possible with logos and really secure and intact.

And that is going to be a positive representation of your brand as opposed to a broken box or ripped satchel that has been reused or recycled and doesn’t look like a lot of care has been put into it.

The importance of branding and packaging gets even more important when a product is on the shelf with many other similar products. With the right packaging, your product can stand out, encouraging the customer to reach for it.

Aiding Marketing:

Packaging and marketing go hand in hand.

There’s such an opportunity that businesses can use to market their brand simply through their packaging, not even the product itself.

Therefore, when we think of packaging up a product, sending it off to the customer, we want to be thinking about does that packaging has our business logo or does it look neat and tidy. Does it have a marketing message involved in the packaging?

There are lots of different ways that you can get an edge on your competition simply by looking at the different ways that you can use your packaging as part of your marketing strategy.

Packaging can help sell the product as it offers space for sharing information about the product, including instructions to use, ingredients, and nutritional information.

Adding Value to Your Products:

Packaging also adds value to your products.

When the product arrives at the customer you want it to turn up in great packaging that’s nice and secure as well as that has your branding involved and that potentially has a marketing message included as well so you want to have that experience from start to finish with your entire customer journey.

When packaging does arrive in good condition, looks safe and secure good and has your branding involved, that is a value add to the customer because they get that experience of having something that has been delivered to them in great shape. They know that the supplier cares about the product and also cares about them as the customer. It improves the value between you and your customer.

So you must have understood that packaging is not just a wrapper or a mere label. We hope you enjoyed this piece of information.

The Future of Packaging Industry: Experts Share Their Opinions

Img Source : solidprofessor

Your favorite beverage can and the packaging of those yummy snacks are likely to change in the coming years. In other words, the packaging is going through a massive transformation over the years.

And this massive transformation is owed to many factors, such as continuing pressure from the government; the inclination of consumers towards sustainable products; innovation among manufacturers to get a competitive edge; and the efforts to improve the shelve life of the product.

New packaging technologies have changed how we use products from increasing the shelf life of a fresh product to enhancing packaging and product functionality, so no wonder that packaging has an important role in ensuring the ever-increasing list of requirements is met.

In this piece of blog, we will review what product packaging might look like in the future—from the minimal use of plastic to innovative features for ensuring more functionality.

And who can tell better than these experts we have listed below.

Working over Concerns Can Redefine the Things…

David Feber is working with McKinsey and Company to help businesses with packaging solutions. His take on the future of packaging includes a concern as he says—

“Packaging is ubiquitous. It touches almost every person on the planet. It affects things that human beings need to survive: food, healthcare, personal care. All of that is packaged. Today, none of that has a lot of intelligence. But there are real concerns with a lot of those products. There are concerns of spoilage, there are concerns of authenticity (“Is this what I thought I was getting?”), and there are concerns of origin (“Where is this coming from?”). With different types of intelligence and sensing, those packages can be much more dynamic and can help in two ways. One way is, “Don’t throw this out, even though it’s past its expiry date.” Or, on the other side, “That yogurt container that you just bought that is supposed to last two weeks hit a temperature that caused it to spoil, and don’t consume it.” Those are the types of examples that we suspect we’ll see.”


Sustainability will Rule the Packaging World…

Sara Shumpert is an MD at the Packaging School. She believes that sustainability is going to be the heart and soul of the packaging industry in coming years.

“As we transition from the shelf to the doorstep – E-commerce or direct to consumer- it requires a rethinking of both product and package design. Whereas packaging for retail must command a purchase-worthy first impression, packaging for e-commerce needs to be equipped for the distribution environment, meaning it’s lightweight and durable.

Sustainable packaging is no longer a trend but an expectation of consumers. We see companies tackling sustainability in more innovative ways than just lightweight materials.”

(Courtesy: As she told GlobalVision)

Packaging Can Make or Mar Your Brand…

Startups with innovative packaging have outwitted the already established brands as opined by Dorris Brown-McNally, WW Brand Innovation, partner development manager at HP, Inc.

“Over the last decade, many incumbent/heritage brands have been consistently outmaneuvered by innovative upstarts. To join the ranks of the growth leaders, consumer-goods companies must create an agile growth environment. That starts with bringing their entire organisation, from marketing to production, into an integrated organism. The results can be impressive. In product lines where agile is used, companies have seen as much as a fourfold increase in revenues, and the time it takes to get new marketing ideas in front of customers has compressed from multiple weeks or months to less than two weeks. Advancements in packaging innovation and digital print are at the core to many of the companies who are succeeding.”