Custom Plastic Bags— The Ultimate Branding Choice

Plastic bags are quite common in all industries, may it be any industry. Plastic bags are the most preferred packaging solution among sellers. This is mainly because sellers have to ship and sell numerous products of all sizes and weights virtually every day. Even though there are other alternatives such as boxes, paper bags, and cloth bags that can serve the same purpose, custom plastic bags can help you in reducing costs significantly and save more space when they are in storage in the warehouse or a retail setting. When you use a plastic bag to sell your products, you should keep in mind that your packaging represents your brand. You don’t want to establish your brand and its look and feel as “dull”.

Even though a lot of sellers try to focus on their packaging solutions, they frequently forget to utilize its design potential. When it comes to custom designs, plastic bags are by far the most versatile packaging solutions. You can use glossy material and make it seem subtle and pop up to your customers. You can even include your business information, a small description, your social media handles, your website, and even small blogs to appeal to your customers. You can also select two entirely different patterns and use them as fronts. If you wish to add a layer, you can even go for stickers. You could easily opt for various unique customized ideas for your plastic bags.

Why is customizing your plastic bags a better option?
There are many unique kinds of plastic bags available these days. You can use these different materials to ship various kinds of materials such as documents, apparel, or soft goods. There are even many durable plastic bags available that can provide better resistance against damage if you need to sell materials that are prone to breakage or deformation during transit. These could be perfect for selling electronics, books, and even jewelry. If you wish to add an elegant feel to the plastic bag, you can even opt for some custom metallic materials. Metallic materials have a shiny surface and are completely self-adhesive. To sell heavy-duty goods easily, you can go for an insulated plastic bag to get the best results. These plastic bags can even offer tear-proof and also puncture-proof varieties that could easily survive tough weather conditions. All of these options can offer added flexibility as compared to alternate packaging solutions. You could use them to provide various products in extraordinary shapes to offer compact packaging. Plastic bags also take up much less space during shipping and delivery.

Added Security
You need to understand the requirements of your products completely when you are looking at packaging solutions. If you believe that your products need an extra coating for protection, you could opt for a more durable plastic bag. It can even have additional layers that help your products in staying safe completely against any damage in transit. The essential thing is to make sure that your custom plastic bags can offer you a greater degree of freedom for choice. Besides such varieties, there are even many tamper-evident sealing choices available that can permit only your customers to open your plastic bags properly. These bags also offer defense against any potential vandalism during delivery and shipping. You need to also consider the overall weather conditions before you sell your products. Even though most plastic bags are waterproof, you can always check more additional details to stay on the safer side. This way, you can stay assured that your products will be able to reach your consumers securely.

Plastic bags are likely one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions, particularly when it comes to retail stores and e-commerce. A lot of shipping enterprises these days have presented the notion of dimensional weights that can add a considerable amount to the shipping cost due to the dimensions of your package. On the other hand, when you ship plastic bags, you don’t need to worry about the costs added due to your packaging. But there are different ways too in which plastic bags can lower your costs considerably. Suppose your consumer wants to send a product back in a plastic bag. They only need to seal its contents and send them. Your consumers don’t have to look for any extra packaging materials and print out your return labels, which enhances your prevailing customer experience. It maintains the uniqueness of your brand and drives the entire process seamlessly.

If you want your business to invest in custom plastic bags, you should ideally look for a service such as iSell Packaging that can provide you with transparent and cost-effective service. Whether you wish to put in bulk order or begin with a small batch, you can get results with a quick turnaround time and, with designer support, easily create a beautiful custom plastic bag in very less time.

What are the Types of Medical Biohazard Bags? How to Handle Them?

Biohazard bags are designed to store human remains and body fluids in a safe and sanitary manner while they are being transported from one location to another, usually to a medical facility or the coroner’s office.


According to one study, healthcare facilities in the United States generate 5.9 million tonnes of medical trash per year, accounting for 14.75 percent of the total waste generated in the country (250 million tonnes).


According to data published by NCBI, private hospitals account for 28.8% of total trash, while state hospitals account for 57.9% of biohazard waste output.


Medical waste, which is contaminated with biological fluids, blood, and pathogens, can endanger people’s lives as well as the environment. Medical waste disposal that isn’t done properly can result in risks such as:


  • Syringes are dumped in to the water bodies
  • Infectious blood dumped inside landfills affects soil
  • Pathogens infect drinking water supplies and air
  • Humans and animals can contract dangerous infections after coming into contact with medical waste
  • Sharps can cause injuries


If you work in the healthcare industry, you should be familiar with the different types of biohazard bags that are available so that you can choose the right one depending on your situation. If you’re looking to purchase new biohazard bags or replace old ones, keep reading to learn more about the different types of medical customized biohazard bags and how they can be used most effectively.


There are Four (4) Types of Medical Waste Disposal Bags


Plastic, Paper, Metal, and Rigid Plastic. Each of these bag types is classified by how hazardous they are to transport. If your medical waste is classed as category one (non-infectious), then you can use any of these four options. For categories two and three (infectious) waste, plastic bags cannot be used; metal or rigid plastic should be used instead. Category Four (chemically hazardous) wastes should never be put in a bag at all; they need to be transported via a sealed leak-proof container or drum with a form of absorbent material on the inside.


Biohazard Type III Bag


This type of bag is for the most infectious waste, such as body fluids and tissues. It is often used with Type III bags. This bag also has a red biohazard label on it that lets everyone know that it contains hazardous material. The color-coding system makes it easy to store different types of waste in different bags, which helps prevent cross-contamination from occurring. With that being said, both biohazard Type III bags and biohazard Type IV bags can be stored in either a red or black biohazard bag dispenser, depending on your facility’s preference.


Infectious Waste Bag


Infectious waste can be dangerous because it might contain bacteria or viruses that could cause serious illnesses or infections. If you come into contact with these pathogens, they could spread throughout your body and lead to life-threatening conditions like hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. This is why it’s imperative to dispose of infectious waste in a manner that prevents its spread—this is where medical biohazard bags come in handy.


Sharps Container Bag


Not to be confused with a medical waste disposal container, a sharps container bag is used for safely storing and transporting sharp or potentially dangerous objects.


These bags are classified as biohazard bags because of their impermeable nature. They prevent any potential contaminants from passing through and into another substance such as clothing or other items that come in contact with them.


Sharps containers also have special straps so they can be securely fastened to metal receptacles like carts and gurneys. This prevents them from sliding around and possibly injuring someone. Some safe-needle devices include their own protective containers, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll want to make sure you have your own readily available when using it on a patient to avoid puncturing yourself or someone else by accident.


Pathological Waste Bag


Pathological waste is generated from a pathological examination. This waste typically consists of tissues and organs removed during an autopsy, biopsy, or surgery.


It may also include body fluids and blood products, such as fetal blood, that originate from health care services. The majority of pathologic waste is potentially infectious material that requires special handling and disposal techniques to minimize potential risks to human health and safety.


Pathological bags come in different colors, with color indicating what type of infectious disease it holds as well as how they should be handled by hospital staff. White bags hold infectious substances such as urine and feces; however, customized yellow-colored biohazard bags require additional caution due to their association with highly communicable diseases like AIDS or Hepatitis C.


Understanding the Medical Biohazard Bags by Colors


Biohazard bags have color codes to identify different types of waste they carry. This way, you can figure out what type of medical waste should be put into what color. Generally, there are two types of bags in terms of color coding–Red and Yellow.


The different types of medical waste are stored separately in red and yellow biohazard containers.


Red Biohazard Bags:


Red biohazard bags are used to collect anatomical waste such as human body fluids such as sperm, saliva, tissues, organs, and animal corpses. They’re also used to get rid of medical equipment, swabs, blood-soaked drapes, gloves, and anything else that’s been exposed to blood or body fluids.


Yellow Biohazard Bags:


Swabs, bandages, tissues, dirty gloves, aprons, pads, and nappies are all disposed of in yellow biohazard bags. IV lines and fluid bags used for pharmaceutical drugs, disposable metallic pieces, and syringe bodies can all be collected in these bags.




Biohazard bags, like all other systems, gadgets, and technologies, have a rigorous protocol that must be followed when handling them. The following are the main guidelines:


  • A biohazard symbol should be placed on each bag.
  • When moving hazardous wastes into biohazard bags, always use an apron, gloves, eye protection, and face masks.
  • Do not dispose of biohazardous garbage in the city or municipal trash cans; only a licensed medical waste firm can collect such hazardous waste.
  • Biohazard bags should be used to line the medical waste container.
  • Before disposing of the impurities, perform an autoclaving process on site.
  • As a precaution, while dealing with liquid biohazard wastes, use a tray or a bucket.

So, you must have understood about medical biohazard bags. If you are looking for the high-quality medical customized red yellow biohazard bags, look no further than iSell Packaging. At iSellPackaging, with our high-quality biohazard bags, we promote regulated medical waste processing solutions that save money, ensure sterilization, and have a less environmental impact. Our wide product selection, customer support, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround time are the reasons why we have so many long-standing, committed customers, including big healthcare companies.

Beginner’s Ultimate Guide to Custom Printed Bread Bakery Bags

Bread Bakery Bags are great storage solutions for both commercial and home kitchens because they allow you to keep your bread fresh longer and transport it easily. They also give your bread an attractive, branded appearance. However, there are many different types of Bread Bakery Bags on the market, which can make it difficult to decide which one is right for you.

This article will explain the main differences between each bag style so that you can make an informed decision about what kind of Bread Bakery Bag to use in your kitchen or bakery.

Considerations for Custom Printed Bread Bakery Bags

When it comes to bread bakery bags, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before making your purchase. First, think about how many bags you’ll need—are you going to be bringing freshly baked bread to customers? If so, then you’ll likely want more than one bag. Also consider color and print considerations; in addition to letting people know about your business, bag design is an opportunity for you do showcase your creativity as well. For example, some businesses choose plastic bags with transparent windows on each side that allow people to get a glimpse of what they’re getting before they even open up their purchase.

Bread bakery bags may look like simple plastic bags at first glance, but they’re actually quite complex. They’re made from several layers of different materials to ensure that they’re both waterproof and very strong, which comes in handy when you’re carrying around multiple loaves of bread in the same bag on your way home from the store. What do you need to know about these bags before you buy them?

1) Size

Size is an important factor when choosing Bread Bakery Bags. Your Bread Bakery Bag should be big enough to hold all of your bread, but not so big that you have a hard time fitting it in your bread bin. The two most common sizes are 1-lb and 2-lb bags, but any size will work as long as it fits into your bin!

2) Materials

There are many types of Bread bakery bags, such as polythene, cellophane and paper. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Polythene is used extensively in food industries because it is transparent so you can see what’s inside without opening it, so you know if something goes wrong with your product then you can catch it straight away. Polythene is also cheaper than paper but more expensive than cellophane.

Your bread bakery bags should be made of materials that won’t break down or allow breads and pastries to get stale. What’s more, these materials shouldn’t leach chemicals or colors into your food—which means they should be as close to organic as possible. Three good options are low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Keep in mind, too, that a little sturdiness is always appreciated when it comes to shopping bags! After all, you don’t want your bag ripping on a crowded bus or breaking when you pick it up off a store shelf.

3) Features

Custom Printed Bread Bakery Bags are an important part of any bakery. From their weaved structure that keeps bread from getting crushed, and thus keeping it fresh, to their super strength that keeps them from tearing or breaking, Bread Bakery Bags are a critical part of your product offerings.

What are the Benefits of Custom Printed Bread Bakery Bags

Bread bakery bags are one of the most popular ways to package and sell your bread products, especially as you’re just starting out with your first business. The benefits of these bags are manifold: they keep your bread fresh, they’re sturdy enough to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use, and they’re lightweight enough that you don’t have to worry about fragile glass containers breaking during shipping. To learn more about all the benefits of bread bakery bags, read on below!

1) Keeps Bread Fresh

Custom Printed Bread bakery bags are better for keeping bread fresh than plastic or paper bags. Bread is able to breathe, which keeps it fresher for longer, and also prevents any moisture from building up in your bread bag. Bread will not only be less likely to go stale, but it won’t be as prone to mold growth. If you find yourself not eating all your bread before it goes bad, you may want to consider a bread bakery bag or two!

2) Decorative

Perhaps most obviously, bread bakery bags are decorative. You’re not simply handing your customers a white bag or box to hold their bread in; you’re letting them show off their purchase while they take it home. The look and feel of your bag becomes an extension of your brand. For example, if you have a bakery that focuses on unique pastries and desserts, offering regular white bags just won’t do. If people think of your product as fancy, you need to create a fancy bag—one that matches their expectations and makes them feel great about buying from you again.

3) Lower Cost than Other Packaging Options

Custom Printed Bread bakery bags offer great cost savings to your business. The cost savings is due to bags taking up less space, are easier to ship and have a lower production price than other packaging options such as cans, bottles or boxes. Bread bakery bags also don’t break easily when handled by customers or employees, so you won’t be spending money on damaged product. Plus, bread bakery bags weigh less than other packaging options; saving you money on shipping costs as well.

4) Easy to Use

Custom Printed Bread bakery bags are made from a high quality, flexible food grade plastic that is easy to use and reusable. Their size makes them ideal for carrying bread, bagels and other baked goods from home to work or school. The plastic isn’t stiff or difficult to bend, making it easier to transfer your freshly baked bread into and out of a bread bakery bag. Plus, they have convenient handles so you can simply grab them off a shelf at any store that sells baking supplies.

5) Versatile

Sliced bread bakers bags are extremely versatile and are available in many sizes. By changing their size and shape, you can package various types of breads, baked goods, and pastries that meet your customers’ needs. They can also be used as a stand-alone packaging solution or paired with other bakery products to create complete gift baskets. The best part is they can withstand high temperatures which means you won’t have to worry about leaks during transit.

6) Reduces Waste

Any bakery owner knows just how much time is spent wrapping, tying and bagging breads to prevent them from going stale or from getting crushed on their way out to customers. In fact, one commercial bakery estimates that it spends over $200,000 a year doing just that. If you’re trying to cut costs and reduce waste by opting for disposable bakery bags, consider investing in some reusable bread bags instead—you could easily save $10,000 or more per year depending on your company size. Additionally, many food safety laws specify that you must use clean bags each time you package up any product so these will actually help keep your business safe as well!

7) Best Value

A good bag will last you a long time. You’ll likely use it many times before it wears out and that is why we offer such a great value on our bags. Not only do they provide great value, but they also have some incredible benefits:

1) They are eco-friendly

2) They are reusable

3) They are machine washable

4) They help bread retain its taste

5) Preserve bread from freezer burn

6) Microwave safe

So this is everything you wanted to know about a custom printed bread bakery bag.

Choosing the Right Bank Bags? How iSell Packaging Can Help You?

Proper security measures help you avoid the top threat such as petty theft, employee theft, and even armed robbery. Otherwise, cash, checks, and important documents can be stolen, lost, or misplaced.

Bank bags are a simple solution to such issues that can often cause headaches for banks or businesses dealing in cash.

While there might be different types of bags that can be used to transport, store and even manage valuable documents, bags that come with important safety features shouldn’t be ignored.

These bank bags ensure stronger security to work environments that involve several employees by providing bank bag access to authorized personnel only.

How to Choose the Right Bank Bags?

Consider the Size:

While we offer you high-quality bank bags tailored to your unique specifications, it is also important to determine the right type of bank bags for your organization. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Financial institutions dealing with a significant amount of cash, money, and check might require large bank bags while a mail carrier might only need a small bag to keep a few contents safe.

Ponder Over the Material:

The next thing to consider is the materials of your bank bags. Some of the preferred materials for bank bags are canvas, laminated nylon, and denier nylon.

Organizing different items being kept in locking bags is easily achieved with a range of colors available. In fact, organizing important items by color instead of labeling the bags can add an extra layer of security.

Check the Ability to Organize Money:

Storing cash and checks in a safe or a large vault is common practice for banks and other organizations. Organizing money by amounts and denominations using locking bags is an efficient way to store cash while ensuring an extra layer of security.

Are they Weather Proof?

Weather is also a big issue concerning the security of transporting valuables like checks, cash, and important documents like vehicle titles. Simply put, the weather is also a security threat to deal with. Securing valuables in the right bank bag protects against water damage depending on the type of material the bag is made from.

For example, you should choose a vinyl bag over a cloth bag to get the best protection from water damage.

Are they Good at Fire Resistance?

Fire is also another security threat regarding the storage of checks, cash, and documents.

Efficient security personnel might take the time to store the valuable away in a safe, but sometimes there are cash and important documents that might not be stored away properly in a vault or a safe.

Luckily, some bags are fireproof. During the transportation of important items, fire is also a risk to deal with. Maybe a traffic accident leads to a fire breakout. Sometimes, a vehicle malfunction could cause a fire. Either incident risks your valuable content. Fireproof bags add that extra layer of security and they can protect your valuables from fire.

iSell Pacakging : Your Reliable Supplier of High-Quality Bank Bags

At iSell, we offer high-quality bank bags tailored to your individual’s need for increased security. Our range of plastic bank deposit banks holds more than coins, currency, and documents.

It also assures peace of mind. We deliver a full range of bank deposit bags for all your security requirements.

Our bank bangs are ideal to keep your belongings safe throughout the business cycle for various requirements such as point of sale, manual deposits, checks, payroll, and more. Our bank bags are specially created to help banks and other financial institutions minimize losses significantly.

Apart from banks, these bags are ideal for retail stores, hospitality operations, restaurants, and other businesses dealing with cash.

Rest assured that you will have a more secure and stylish way to carry and store your cash. Whether you use them in-house or pass them to new customers, it improves convenience as well as promotes your brand as it has your company’s logo and name on them.

We value your security. We also provide samples of our bank deposit bags so that you can determine the quality before placing your final order. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

Reasons to Choose Our Bank Bags

  • Bags made from 2.25 – 6 mil LLDPE film for strength and durability
  • Sequential numbers applied via inkjet technology
  • Sequential barcoding also available for systems applications
  • Graphics can be customized with up to six colors for crisp printing
  • Clear, tinted, or opaque poly choices
  • Strong, uniform double-seal closures – adhesive on the pocket throat to seal inside of the bag instantly as release liner is removed; double sealed when the lid is folded over onto the back of the bag
  • Level 4 Tamper Evident Void Closures
  • Extremely competitive pricing and low minimums

Order your next bank bags from iSell Packaging the difference.

Custom Plastic Packaging Bags USA for Your Business: The Big Marketing Move

E-commerce has gained immense importance in the last few years. Especially with the world reeling from the effects of COVID-19, shipping and packaging have become a priority. Retail Packaging and Plastic Bag Solutions by Isell Packaging have become the only resort for businesses to remain functional and strong in the industry.

Shopping online is now the most preferred method to get your hands on everything. Regardless of the conventional choices, packaging remains a significant element when it comes to the shopping experience.

It will always be among the most important aspects in terms of marketing and advertising.

Take a look at some reasons why Custom Retail Packaging United States benefits your brand by protecting, showcasing, and delivering your product!


Increased Brand Value

Great customer experience is the secret to every brand’s success. This means the packaging really affects its worth. In addition to building up value, it improves brand awareness. Also, it establishes a long-term, powerful connection with your customers. This ensures success and long-term sensation in the industry.

Custom plastic bags for packaging are any day better than standard, generic packaging. A great product like yours could benefit from customized packaging that only leads to huge turnover.


Better Product Protection

Companies manufacturing uniquely-shaped products should take notes. Since your products are more prone to damage, custom packaging is the right option for you. Shipping hassles are the least of your worries with the right packaging. The last thing you want is a huge loss due to large-scale physical damage during shipping or displaying.

Standard packaging may not work for you, custom Retail Packaging and Plastic Bag Solutions are what your product needs. After all, the main function of packaging will always remain to hold and secure the product inside. Right from logistics to manufacturing to customer, your product’s shape and brand’s reputation remain intact.

Ensures Customers’ safety

You are sorted that custom packaging safeguards your products. But did you know it also protects your customers? Think about it. As long you deliver the right product in the right condition, it does keep your customer safe.

Especially if your company falls under the food industry, it is all the more important that you transport quality products. Food packaging bags wholesale NYC ensures there are no harmful or toxic substances in your product. Custom packaging maintains full transparency and safety of edible products.

Food products require lots of labeling that includes ingredients, allergy dangers, nutritional value, and most importantly, dates. This not only makes products to be safe for consumption but generates trust among new customers.


Attention all the way!

Strictly from a marketing perspective, custom Plastic Wholesale Packaging Bags USA is fundamentally the best way to grab your customer’s attention. Packaging that is tailor-made to perfection, elevates the credibility of your brand. Not to mention, stand out among competitors.

Packaging is the first factor that endorses your product. That is how you attract your potential customers. Custom packaging, in this case, makes a fantastic first impression to gain new customers. Because when it finally comes down to deciding whether to purchase it or not, packaging will always make the cut. Take it from customers themselves, as per a national study 7 in 10 Americans say that the design of a product’s packaging often influences their purchase decisions.

Time for some creative tweaks for a great visual representation of your product. And what better than Retail Packaging and Plastic Bag Solutions. It’s a competitive world, better bring your a-game on with custom packaging that makes an instant, remarkable impression on your potential customers.



As long as you are building an effective branding strategy, custom packaging for your products would be easy for your company in terms of cost. Also, packaging solutions in bulk quantity are so much more cost-effective. Given the fact they are custom-made, you are assured of quality design and materials to give your brand an edge over other products.

Along with being cost-effective, it could save a substantial amount of shipping costs. This is all the more, stands correct if you are manufacturing lightweight, small products.


Sustainable packaging

The year is 2022 and shoppers have become more ethical with regards to being environmentally conscious. Did you know 1 in 3 consumers would go opt for environment-friendly packaging despite the pricey tag? Think about it, your product could gain a lot of popularity through eco-friendly options.

Reduced Carbon footprint and sustainable way to life are the modern-day approaches to live life. This should reflect in your packaging choices as well. Fortunately, Retail Packaging and Plastic Bag Solutions focus on being eco-friendly oriented.

This will be a conscious decision for the environment and a revolutionary step towards becoming a profitable brand.


Why plastic bags are useful?

Plastic bags have tremendous benefits; be it consumers or in this case, retailers.  They are a lot more durable than paper bags. Other than that, they are a lot lighter to ship and carry. This makes it less prone to tearing and durable in bad weather conditions as well. Also, they are reusable, and customization makes them a perfect fit for retail packaging.


What plastic is used for packaging?

There are many with several uses and benefits.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) are known for their stiffness and chemical resistance and is used for making containers and bottles.

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is popular because of its durability and flexibility. Therefore, it is mostly used in film applications.

Many other forms and types are predominantly sorted according to their qualities.


At Isell Packaging, Plastic Wholesale Packaging Bags USA is manufactured on a huge scale, be it creativity, quantity, or quality. Time for your business to bring its A-game on with custom packaging.

How to Pick the Right Size of Trash Bag?

A trash bag might be an unsung hero in keeping your workplace neat and clean. But it cannot be denied that these bags are a convenient and hygienic way to manage your waste. Also known as a bin bag, rubbish bag, or reuse sack, a trash bag is useful to line the inside of waste containers. With these bags in place, it is easy to collect and dispose of your waste.

It is used to keep the garbage contained while it makes its way from the trash can to the dumpster, dock, or waste disposing facility. If you own a large facility, you are likely to have different-sized trash bags and bins to line them.

However, it is important to choose the right size of a trash bag for your business.

When picking what to use as your bags you will have to consider several things such as how much space do you need to fill up with your garbage, what type of garbage are you storing in the bag, and what type of plastic do you need to use?

There are many more factors to be considered when picking the right trash bags and these tips below will help you make the right decisions on what works best for your workplace.

What Size of Trash Can You Have?

There are several sizes of garbage cans you might have at your office or workplace. For example, the 23-gallon trash can is commonly used in break rooms and bathrooms. For this specific garbage , you need to use a 40″ x 46″ size trash bag. This size bag will perfectly fit the garbage can style leaving an extra 4 inches on each side.

Choosing the Right Plastic for Your Trash Bag Application

There are two types of trash bags according to the plastic they are made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density (HDPE). Both types have their advantages based on which type of garbage will end up inside the bags made from them.

Let’s find out how each type of plastic works for your garbage.

LDPE Trash Can Liner Bags:

  • Good stretch properties  make them resilient to tears and punctures.
  • Ideal for garbage with sharp and jagged edges.
  • Durability

HDPE Trash Can Liner Bags:

  • An affordable choice for heavy, wet trash and soft waste
  • Vapor and moisture protections
  • Smaller and lighter than LLD bags cases
  • Temperature resistance up to (-40 degrees to +212 degrees)

Understanding the Size of Trash Bag

Trash bags generally come with a gallon capacity. They have a number of dimensions printed on the bottom of them. The first number of bag measurements is the width of the open end/top of the bag when it is laid flat. This is half of the circumference. The next thing is the measurement of the length of the bag from top to bottom.

For example, a 38” x 58” bag comes with a 76” (38” x 2) circumference and a top to the bottom measure of 58”.

Apply these methods to determine the circumference of your trash container to determine what trash bag can work. Keep in mind that you can have a taller or longer trash bag than the waste container, but you really don’t want your bags to go shorter, as they can fall inside of the container.

Also, try this formula for round or square trash cans to find the right bag size:

  • Square Container Circumference: Circumference = sum of all four sides added together. Example 7”+12”+12”+7” = 38-inch circumference
  • Round container circumference: Circumference=diameter multiplied by 3.14. For instance: 12 inch diameter X 3.14 = 37.68 inch circumference
  • Bag Length: (round and square containers) add the height of the trash bin, plus 4-5 inches for overhang.


How Much Weight Can the Garbage Bag Hold?

Picture this—

You remove a full trash can liner from garbage can only to see the bottom split open because of its weight. No one would like to experience such situations with their trash bags.

This also brings us to the last step in picking the correct trash bag, how much weight does the bag requires to accommodate. The strength of a trash bag depends on several factors such as the type of plastic it was manufactured from and the thickness of the bags (mil or micron).

Another key factor determining the strength of a garbage can liner is the type of seal used. The seal is the method to close the bottom of a trash can liner.

There are three types of trash bag seals:

Star Seal:

It is the most common seal used in trash can liner bags. These seals are created by folding the bottom of the bag over itself several times before sealing it. Star seals eliminate the risk of leaks, letting the bags conform to round, rectangle, square, and any other shape garbage. It also prevents trash from accumulating in one area of the trash bag.

Flat Seal:

These seals are created by sealing the bag’s bottom edge ensuring that no length of the bag is used. Flat seals are leakproof.

Gusset Seal:

These seals are formed by tucking in both sides of the bottom edge to form a gusset on the bag. It strengthens the gusseted outer edges with four layers of plastic while the middle of the bag has only two. But the bags with gusset seals tend to leak.

Here is a quick chart to determine how much dry weight a bag can accommodate according to its measurement, thickness, and gallon size.


 20″ X 21″ .35 7 7 lbs.
 24″ X 23″ .35 8-10 10 lbs
 24″ X 32″ .35 12-16 10 lbs.
 30″ X 36″ .5 20-30 20 lbs.
 30″ X 36″ .7 20-30 30 lbs.
 33″ X 39″ .5 33 20 lbs.
 33″ X 39″ .65 33 40 lbs.
 36″ X 58″ .7 55 40 lbs.
 38″ X 58″ .7 60 30 lbs.
 38″ X 58″ .55 60 40 lbs.
 40″ X 46″ .5 40-4530 lbs.
 40″ X 46″ .7 40-4530 lbs.
 43″ X 47″ .7 56 40 lbs.


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Why Should We Use Plastic Bags?

Plastic Shopping Bags Wholesale USA have long been used throughout the world due to their versatility. Plastic bags offer an inexpensive way to pack and transport all kinds of materials. They do not react badly to harsh chemicals and heat and can even withstand various weather conditions than other packaging options cannot. Plastic Shopping Bags Made in USA are extremely easy to use, carry, and even store. They offer their users a tremendous number of benefits which is why plastic bags have been in use for so long. Although retail plastic bags wholesale has been the preferred way to store, carry, and handle all kinds of materials since their invention, there has been a lot of misconception about plastic bags. If you are considering using plastic bags for personal or even commercial use, here are some reasons to help you make this decision:

why should we use plastic bag

Plastic retail bags wholesale NYC are extremely versatile
Plastic bags are widely used in supermarkets, grocery stores, shopping malls to help you carry all your things. You can carry groceries, clothes, utensils, things, and essentially anything. However, this is not their sole purpose. Plastic Shopping Bags Wholesale could be used for any possible purpose. They are completely versatile. The versatility of their plastic bags is one of their biggest benefits. When you visit a market or even a store, you can use a plastic bag without having to incur any additional costs. Once you get these items to their destination and unpack, you can use Custom plastic bags for packaging any way you want, such as to line your trash cans, or to store edibles in the refrigerator.

You can customize plastic bags for your business for a custom marketing
If you need to use plastic retail bags wholesale NYC commercially, for example, to run your business, it is extremely easy to get the name, logo, social media handles, and other information of your company printed on your plastic bags. Moreover, it is very easy to make any changes that you want. You can make changes to the designs. You only need to ask your plastic bag manufacturer whatever your particular requirements may be and you can get all changes done.

Plastic bags are extremely affordable
The fact is that households don’t need to purchase plastic bags at all. You can rack up as many plastic bags as you want at no additional cost. You can just collect Plastic Shopping Bags Made in USA when you go shopping or visit any store. Nonetheless, if you run a company, you can just purchase plastic bags for inexpensive rates in bulk.

Plastic bags are completely recyclable
Custom Plastic Shopping Bags Wholesale can help you in a myriad of ways. Nevertheless, with a lot of power also comes great responsibility. Since plastic bags are completely recyclable, you should use them responsibly. Once plastic bags are not usable anymore, you should recycle them completely. should be responsible and recycle plastic bags after they are no longer usable. It is extremely easy to recycle plastic bags and there are even a lot of free services available to make your job easy.

The environmental impact of plastic bags is much lower as compared to other alternatives
If you compare the environmental impact of plastic bags to other alternatives such as paper bags, or even cloth bags, plastic bags have a much lesser overall impact on the environment. Plastic bags need much less energy to be transported, recycled, or even produced. Even the recycling rates of plastic bags are much lower as compared to paper or cloth.
Even though we benefit from plastic bags in a lot of different ways and using them is highly recommended due to their high convenience, you need to make sure that you recycle these on time responsibly to ensure that these do not reach and fill up the landfills.

Even though the article is titled why we should use plastic bags, it deals with the question of why we should not use plastic bags. The fact is that around one trillion plastic bags are manufactured, and used around the world every year. This is a big number. Obviously, a trillion plastic bags would not be generated or used globally if they weren’t important and unique without any reason.

Plastic Packaging Bags USA are widely used in packaging. They are used to pack and deliver food throughout the world and the global economy. We use plastic bags to pack edible foods, gels, liquids, powders, specialist items, chemicals, and out-of-season fruit, among a lot of other things. Plastic Wholesale Packaging Bags USA keep all of these items safe and protect the materials stored in them. There are a lot of different kinds of plastics that offer various unique functional properties such as being resistant to heat and chemicals, being completely opaque, transparent, flexible, and being safe for food items. Plastics hence are the perfect packaging materials for a lot of different requirements that can suit all your needs.

New Year 2022 Special —Top 10 Packaging Design Trends

With more and more vaccinations being done across the world against the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of conveying the brand message using design aesthetics and packaging designs is growing. Since the pandemic, online shopping has grown tremendously and companies are focusing more and more on packaging design to make their products more attractive to consumers. With innovative technologies, packaging designs are constantly evolving. And we are here to bring you what’s important—Packaging design trends for the New Year 2022!

“May this New Year 2022 get your Business Booming like never before!”

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Here are some upcoming packaging design trends for 2022 that can help your brand create an evolution in the marketplace:

Minimalist Packaging
With nostalgic designs being in trend, minimalist designs can be a treat for your customers. Minimalist simple designs are perfect to play it securely. You can reduce the packaging design of your product right to the basics. Not only will it create a soothing design, but it will also help you in making sure that your product speaks for itself. With minimal Retail Plastic Bags Wholesale Solutions, you can make your product seem unique. You just need to get rid of the irrelevant and focus on the essentials.

Localized Illustration
Illustrations are a crucial element for packaging. They help you render a visual concept of your design efficiently. It can strengthen both the extensive elements and the imagery and boost up your products. Localized illustrations consistently have maintained a significant impact in drawing the attention of your customers. Most consumers like products that make a simple connection between the class of your product and its packaging. Illustrations based on a storyline, tribal art, or history describing the product with art can make your product stand out.

Interactive Packaging Materials
Modern technologies such as QR Code Scanner, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and NFC (Near-Field Communication) can be used for smart packaging to transform how your customers interact with your brand. It can strengthen trust and upgrade brand perception. These technologies can help your customers in finding out more information about your product without actually unboxing it.

Neutral and Earthy Color Shades
Neutral and earthy color shades are significant styles that can go well with an elegant design. The product designs upcoming in the year 2022 are expected product designs that will center on natural or standard elements. The colors such as sky blue, brown, white, or green can be used together to impart a powerful brand name. Neutral and earthy tones are considered to be more functional, practical, and engaging. They can even give your Custom Plastic Shopping Bags Wholesale a reassuring and warm feeling.

Old World Charm
One of the most renowned ways to catch the attention of your customer is to integrate old charm aesthetics into your packaging design. Such vintage aesthetics can penetrate your entire design, from color selection to the layout. Though these are generally used in the beverage and food industry, you can use this anywhere. The major appeal of using vintage packaging is the feeling of authenticity it communicates. Authenticity reflects both the feeling of the product and its appearance. You can use old charm fonts, script characters, illustrations, and color patterns to give a sense of ancestry and age.

Vivid Gradients
Vivid Gradients can captivate both the consumers and the designers. Gradients can provide a broad variety to the designers and offer an elegant design by using natural shades. Gradients offer extensive, stimulating, and bright color patterns and depth to your packaging.

Textured Packaging
The sensation that your consumers feel is as important as what they see when they look at your product. A smooth and elegant packaging translates to the product’s quality. With textured packaging, you can encourage the feeling that your customers get and enhance the user interaction experience.

Modern and Loud Fonts
People don’t really want to spend hours trying to figure out what a product is for. Ensure that your customers will be able to identify your product easily. Modern and loud fonts can go a long way. When you combine modern color palettes with contemporary and loud fonts, you are getting the attention of your customers easily.

Abstract Designs
Abstract designs are a vigorous art form started by the Aboriginal people. It aims to create an aesthetic approach. In abstract designs, designers incorporate extreme packaging by using brilliant shades, bold fonts, and acute minimalistic demand. Abstract design can refresh the part of your brain responsible for sparking creativity. It can help your customers look at the artwork done during packaging design in a new way and can also impart new approaches to the market.

Simplistic Geometry
Simple and elegant geometrical themes can be one of the most innovative packaging design trends for 2022. With minimal lines and precise angles, your package designs get transformed to the next level. These products can stand out from their competitors. The main advantage of this strategy is that customers can determine the value of your product with just a simple glimpse. It can offer your product a crisp contrast in illustrations and patterns that can describe the sophistication of its contents. Use simplistic geometry to elevate your product.

Astonishing design features such as shapes, fonts, imagery, and color, can be combined to create an incredible product packaging design that can help businesses achieve more sales and turn into the top players of their industries. 2022 is going to be an exciting year that will showcase emerging modern packaging design trends. With these innovative trends, designers and businesses can accelerate their sales and enhance the user experience considerably.

5 Surprising Secrets of Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Do you think that if you use compostable biodegradable plastic bags, you are not being environmentally friendly? Think again.

Compostable biodegradable plastic bags are not exactly what you believe. And if you are talking about compostable biodegradable plastic bags, they are a whole other story and are actually good for the environment. Hence, in this article, we are going to be focusing on compostable biodegradable plastic bags. Biodegradable plastic bags offer most of us a very comfortable, fuzzy, and warm feeling that does not send us on a guilt trip. After all, we all want to help the environment at the end of the day.

In fact, most business organizations opt for purchasing biodegradable bags with good intentions. It is good for the environment, it can help you contribute to a clean environment and even make your business go green. And rightly so, here are some surprising secrets of compostable biodegradable plastic bags that will only help you promote your business and curb your second thoughts if using these is really safe for the environment:

Biodegradable Plastic Bags

  1. A great percentage of biodegradable plastic bags eventually does get recycled.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) needs its landfills to be completely blocked out against sunlight, moisture, and air – the most crucial elements required for complete biodegradation. This means that your plain plastic bags will simply sit in a landfill without getting decomposed at all which defeats the entire purpose of these plastic bags. And even though a lot of companies offer “eco-friendly” plastic bags with a biodegradable “additive”, which is basically a special film added on the bags that helps them in decomposing completely, the claim still needs some research and has been challenged time and again. Until further research is done, we have no proof that this biodegradable additive really works. Only use high-quality, compostable, biodegradable plastic bags.

  1. Compostable Biodegradable plastic bags can be recycled.

When it comes to plastic objects, when they are manufactured, they are labeled into different categories. You can check these on your plastic objects. It is generally represented as a number. The category or number for biodegradable plastic bags is 7 which would mean that cannot be recycled with other plastic items that are generally labeled No. 1 or No. 2. This is done to avoid any contamination in the entire recyclable load since the chemical composition of all these plastics is completely different. Hence biodegradable plastic bags, although separately, can be recycled.

  1. Compostable, biodegradable plastic bags are environment-friendly

When everyday plastic bags end up in landfills, the decomposition process takes place at a very slow rate since there is no exposure to moisture, light, and air. As a result, the gas methane starts to release into the atmosphere. The fact is that when compared with carbon dioxide, methane can contribute up to 20 times more than carbon dioxide to the greenhouse effect over a 100-year period. This means that with the release of methane, we are essentially harming the environment more than we would by releasing carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas. The simple solution is to use compostable biodegradable plastic bags. Even though the terms biodegradable and compostable are generally used interchangeably, there still are some fundamental differences between the two.


  1. Compostable biodegradable plastic bags are regulated as per industry standards

Simply put, compostable biodegradable plastic bags are required to meet the industry-standard which is regulated and approved by the government. You can just take a look for the indication of BPI-certified which stands for the Biodegradable Products Institute. Since they are certified, you can be assured that your compostable biodegradable plastic bags are performing the same function they promised. These bags will enable compostable material, such as biodegradable waste, leaves, yard clippings, nutshells, coffee grinds, lettuce, to help them compost naturally. Not only will your biodegradable plastic bags get composted easily, but they will also be able to help your other compostable waste.

  1. They are completely compostable.

The fact is you just cannot throw a plastic bag in your compost pile and believe that it will decompose. Plastic bags need a very high temperature to decompose. The temperature of your compost pile will just not get hot enough. However, when it comes to compostable biodegradable plastic bags, they can easily turn into compost which means that not only are you helping the environment but you are essentially reducing your own waste as well.


One of the main benefits of going for biodegradable options is that they can help you and your business go green. However, the entire purpose of using biodegradable plastic bags can get defeated if they are not really getting decomposed. On the other hand, with the best compostable and biodegradable plastic bags, you are essentially helping the environment. Your compost has the ability to significantly reduce the expulsion of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Compost can even help your soil in absorbing carbon and can help it in getting enriched. Not only will your compostable biodegradable plastic bags break down themselves but they will even help your other biodegradable waste in completely decomposing. So if you want your home or even your business in going green, you should opt for compostable biodegradable plastic bags.

Benefits of Biodegradable Bags: Why Is It Essential?

The standard definition of biodegradable material is an object or a substance that can decay and get destroyed naturally without producing any harmful materials.

Simply put, if an object is biodegradable, it means that it will ultimately be able to break down into a lot of smaller pieces with the help of microorganisms like fungi or bacteria.
However as there is no exact time limit on how much time biodegradable materials take to break down, it can get confusing sometimes. This is the central difference between biodegradable plastics and compostable. It is often an essential consideration that you need to take into account when you need to choose if biodegradable bags are right for your business.

We have been focusing on increasing the usage of biodegradable materials over the past decade especially since we want to reduce how much traditional plastic is used globally. It is an environmentally viable solution to use biodegradable materials whenever possible. However, when you are considering switching to biodegradable plastic bags for your business, you need to take every aspect into consideration. Here are 7 benefits of biodegradable bags to help you make this decision:

Benefits of Biodegradable Bags

biodegradable bags benefits infographic

Easily decomposable
After continued field trials, development, and research, there are 100% compostable materials available made from a blend of PLA(sugar cane) and co-polyester. Compostable, biodegradable films and bags are completely recyclable and weigh just as much as traditional plastic bags. They provide equal strength and are completely leakproof. Biodegradable bags can degrade on sea or land.

Reduction in Carbon Emissions
Biodegradable bags are made from PLA bioplastic which is made from sugar cane. You can think of biodegradable bags as a plant-based alternative. It creates far fewer carbon emissions as compared to traditional plastic. Traditional plastic can release up to four tons of emissions, while biodegradable plastics only emit 0.8 tons of carbon which is a clear 500% reduction.

Recycling and Repurposing
Bioplastics take up oil that is completely organic and extracted from plants as compared to traditional plastics. These oils can make the surfaces of biodegradable bags less brittle and more malleable so that it gets easier to add new textures and form new shapes. Biodegradable bags are exactly just as moldable when they are compared to traditional plastics. They can even be turned into several appealing shapes that meet your requirements exactly. Additionally, you can even repurpose and recycle these several times in their shelf life.
Traditional plastics, on the other hand, are generally not very safe for repurposing and recycling since they may have some material that may leak dangerous and toxic chemicals right from the first use. As biodegradable packaging and bags originate from natural substances that are found in nature, there can even be toxins and dangerous chemicals present in these items.

Biodegradable bags are manufactured from natural materials which indicate that they are very safe for users. Traditional plastics are usually made with chemicals and harmful by-products that can pose a threat to life and the environment as well. These are very likely to release these harmful substances when going through the breakdown process. PET Plastic that is most used for standard water bottles can leak chemicals and even attract harmful bacteria. However, when it comes to biodegradable plastic bags, they are deemed to be completely safe. Biodegradable plastic bags do not release any toxins when they are breaking down. Their by-products get completely absorbed after breakdown by the soil.

Less Petroleum
Biodegradable plastics can also minimize the usage of petroleum supplies. Normally traditional plastic can be manufactured using oil molecules being treated and heated in order to convert into polymers. Right now up to 2.7 percent of the petroleum of an average country is used during the manufacturing process for traditional plastic. On the other hand, biodegradable plastics are manufactured using completely natural materials like plants, starch, orange peels, corn, and sugar cane. This manufacturing process needs far less energy. If you want an environmentally friendly option, this manufacturing process does not need any fossil fuels to be burned.
Hence, this indicates that a lot more biodegradable plastics can be produced while consuming far less energy as compared to traditional bags. Therefore, as well as taking up less precious resources, you also add less pollution to the environment. When you reduce the production of traditional plastics, you can produce more biodegradable plastics preferably, while freeing up oil resources for reallocation to various causes such as transport and heat.

Brand Friendly
You can even use biodegradable bags to market your product better. You can use custom biodegradable bags to create a better brand image. There are a lot of corporations like Coca-Cola that use bioplastic products because they are sustainable. You can choose green options to create a positive impact on your brand as well as focus on helping the environment.


As you saw in the article, there are a lot of advantages to using biodegradable bags. Biodegradable bags are very environmentally friendly. For the sake of the environment, we need to encourage their use. However, it is wiser to focus on the education and awareness of plastic bags since repurposing them can create a big difference. Since biodegradable bags can take up a lot less time than traditional plastic to decompose, they can be extremely easy to recycle and don’t even release any toxic chemicals.