Supreme Quality Bale Bags and Bailing Wire

Custom Wholesale BALE BAGS and BAILING WIRE

Are you looking for the woven polyethylene bale bags? Well than you have landed at the right place. Basically used for the transport of municipal waste or bailing straps/wire for the transport of refuse, paper and cardboard recycling, iSellPackaging offer the highest quality bale bags and bailing wire supplies in region.

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iSellPackaging – The right solution for your recycling business!

For many years we have been known in the marketplace for selling the supreme quality bale bags and bailing wire at the lowest possible price. We have gained the reputation of supplying many national and international accounts with fair and honest pricing, while providing a first rate custom manufactured woven polyethylene bale bags.

We proffer you custom bale bags which are designed to custom fit your specific baler chute that are easy to store and handle. Working with a number of baler manufacturers, we produce products which custom fit all bale bag requirements. Understanding the point that not all balers and clients’ needs are the same, we work with materials easily handled and better disposal practices.

iSellPackaging bale bags- Fulfilling Promises!

With experience of years in manufacturing the exceptional quality bale bags, our team ensures to handle your needs in the most professional ways. Whether you are a newbie or running a huge enterprise from years, we tend to cater similar kind of services with complete dedication and expertise.

Feel free to ask for a quote through our online request form and submit your specifications. We make sure to help you with the best solution.

Along with the finest quality bale bags and bailing supplies, we also cater you with benefits as follow:

  • Wide range of quality bale bags and bailing wire to tailor your specific needs.
  • Our unvarying custom design capabilities help us to meet your immediate requirement.
  • Enough to carry a variety of recycled materials that are many times equal to their own weight.
  • Eco-friendly and easy recyclable products with greater life.
  • Use of reinforced ties to secure the end seals.
  • Better and compact storage available to simplify your work.

So, whether it is about the woven bale bags for municipal waste, or woven polyethylene bags for a diverse uses such as FIBC bags, landscape, cement, gravel bags or any other agricultural and industrial products, just call (516) 353-0398.