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Target stores revives free plastic shopping bags

According to a news article recently published, Target stores will be reviving the distribution of their free plastic shopping bag policy for all of their shoppers. For the last four years Target stores in Australia has been charging their patrons for use of their plastic shopping bags. Distribution and use of free plastic bags will return to all of their discount department stores beginning immediately.

Reusing Tips: Plastic shopping bags used by Target
Plastic shopping bags used by Target

The change in store policy regarding the use of plastic shopping bags comes on the heels at an attempt for retailer to help boost sales and earnings. Customers preferring to use  plastic bags for their shopping have had to pay approximately 15c for the biodegradable version of a plastic shopping bag at the checkout registers since mid 2009. A senior level Target spokesman  admitted the environmentally conscience push had spurred widespread frustration among a large number of shoppers, particularly those buying bulky items and heavyweight items. The change in policy regarding the dismissal of paying for the plastic shopping bags will not be reflected in an increase in the price of products, and a biodegradable plastic shopping bag option will remain available for those consumers that desire to continue using them. The plastic shopping bag fee was averaging more than 450 formal complaints per year. Target’s free bags will be thicker in South Australia, the Northern Territory.  Some local council areas have outlawed standard lightweight plastic bags. Lets face it folks, the only viable solution to reduce our global plastic footprint is mandatory plastic recycling on ALL plastic items, and not just to single out the plastic shopping bag.